Forsaken by the gods of tooth decay?

I'm currently in the middle of what by now constitutes a quantifiably absurdist effort at one level 5815

Now this isn't a circumstance of my not understanding what needs to happen in order to complete the level; that's plain enough. Nor is it the case that I'm mistaken about the order things NEED to happen (e.g. keys necessary to open up otherwise unaccessible areas of the board). And while I obviously cannot claim to recognize and capitalize on EVERY opportunity (there are a LOT of options happening simultaneously all over the field of play, after all) I can assert that I've demonstrated myself to be pretty savvy in terms of both strategy and execution.

But regardless of strategies or best laid plans, in SOME levels the drops just HAVE to give you the assist. And here is where I'm experiencing the conundrum that instigated this unnecessarily verbose little missive:

Now I acknowledge that what I'm about to state sounds ridiculous. Yes. Granted. But it's exactly. As though the candies that fall to fill the vacated spaces heretofore occupied by my now fallen confectionery commandos... are being deliberately selected to block my progress-- oh! No more legal switches, and πŸ’’ there goes the hard-fought but ultimately insufficient progress I'd been making aligning the necessary colors to steal victory at last from that remaining and ever-elusive key. And by now I've failed so many consecutive attempts that the 'hint' feature has become downright insolent.

I don't want to be misconstrued and for this little diatribe be interpreted as me having a tantrum... I use colorful verbiage in an effort to convey just how patently bizarre this little mugging has seemed to your humble poster.

Also, I can categorically attest to the fact that there have been many situations in many of the levels now notched in my belt where I have experienced what for all intents and purposes 'seemed' to be exactly the opposite; and that the drops were being hand-picked specifically to shepherd my bungling self through to the next level.

So what am I experiencing here? Have I booster-ed my way into waters entirely too deep for me to tread?

I make these posts mainly for my own benefit, and the number of responses I've gotten suggests a quality of rhetoric to my questions, but I assume other crushers that have come as far or further along in this game have had similar experiences, so on the off chance that anyone does for whatever reason read this little post, I'd like to hear about them.....


  • MajorMinimalBrowningMajorMinimalBrowning Posts: 55 Level 2

    Immediately following the post (of course)

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  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 1,006 Level 3

    God's can be fickle things, they can give you treasures whilst at the same time steal your sanity.

    I have experienced exactly the same feelings about the progression of some of the games as you describe. There are times when I have tried to arrange for a colour bomb and wrapped candy combination for one of the elements to be mysteriously destroyed by a blast from some randomly spawing striped candy. Other times the game seems to be playing itself and no matter what I do I can't make a wrong move.

    Conversely there are times when I am desperately trying to play at the bottom of a board, but no matter what I do I can only get matches in the top two rows and there is only one move to make.

    I swear that sometimes the candies change colour. You know what I mean? The 'where the hell did that green candy come from, I am sure it was red I was trying to match' feeling.

    It is not paranoia if they are out to get you!

  • MajorMinimalBrowningMajorMinimalBrowning Posts: 55 Level 2

    The venerable Robert Anton Wilson said something along those lines; to paraphrase (as I can't find the quote) 'of course they see enemies everywhere; who the hell would want to be their friend?'

    Cheers, fellow primate.

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