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Still not receiving lives from my CCS FBF...why??

Rhonda_P_Kinchen Posts: 86 Pro Player 👑

Last weekend I noticed I wasn't receiving lives from my CCS FBF...until then I always had between 200 - 250 all day every day...then it just stopped...

I gave contacted King CS for support and received an email back with steps to follow to try to fix the issue...nothing has worked.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I'm frustrated...I joined a few CCS groups on FB specifically so that I would never run out of was bliss for several weeks, then all stopped.

There has to be an explanation for CCS FBF are sending the lives, I'm just not getting them.

I have checked, my game is up to date

I have logged out of the app, logged back in & restarted my phone..2 or 3 times over the last few days...still nothing.

I also researched this within the community and tried all suggestions listed...nothing works.

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance!!🍭

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