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Colleen-12Colleen-12 Posts: 121 Level 3

When I log into King Community it keeps asking me if I want to link my community and game login details. When I try to do this it keeps giving me an error message which appears to be related to my UserID which I cannot change.

Questions: 1. How do I change my UserID 2. Is there any advantage to linking community and Game Login


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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 68,478 Crushing Legend
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    @Colleen-12 Hi and welcome,

    Looking at this it is something a CM will need to look at as it is because the minus sign in your username, You can currently only use an underscore for your username and not the minus sign. So they may need to change your username for you to be able to link accounts

    Will tag CM's @Crazy Cat Lad @Pounawea to see if they can help you with this

    Thank you

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