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Candy Crush Mint Saga

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(Note, this does not have to do with the go game itself but don't delete this)

Candy crush mint saga would be the 5th game in the series, it would be an Apple Arcade exclusive one and would keep some of friends mechanics


Starting with mint levels, you must destroy the mints with the color it matches with, every mint adds more mint breath to the level, which the minty breath is just the wind mechanic from Farm Hero Super saga but you need to match it first

You can come up with the rest of the levels cause my brain has no more ideas for level types

And now onto the new playable characters, now you can play as Kimmy, Jenny, Rachel (as a beginner character), etc. Odus also get's his dreamworld ability back (aka Moon Struck) in some events.

Multiplayer is more different than candy crush jelly saga, I don't know if it's similar to candy crush challenge cause I never played that in my life but just here me out, 2 player each pick a character and a costume for that character, they have a limited amount of time, let's say 1 or 2 minutes, to get a higher score than the other person, and when your ability is filled you can use their normal ability or use their exclusive to this mode ability, the ability excessive to the multiplayer mode does something on the other players board that they need to make sure to get rid of, but whoever gets the most points than the other is the winner.

also pink candies would be added, they don't do anything special like the black candies, just thought I add that candy

I think that's enough for this Post

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