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🍭🤩 Candy Crusher of the Month - September 2021

Crazy Cat Lad
Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,124 Community Manager
edited September 2021 in Discussions
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Candy Crusher of the Month!

As you surely have noticed by now, since of July we choose one player as the Candy Crusher of the Month here in the Community. A player that has been super helpful, sweet, friendly and spread the positive energy around.

The player that gets chosen as the Candy Crusher of the Month will receive 100 Gold Bars to their game, an exclusive badge and also take place in the Royal Court of Candy Crushers.

To choose the Candy Crusher of the Month, we need your help!

We want you to nominate the candidates for the Candy Crusher of the Month.

Simply tag the player that you feel deserves to be the Candy Crusher in September in a comment here on this page. Let us also know why you want that player to be the Candy Crusher of the Month.

Remember to nominate your candidate before 23 September! The Candy Crusher of the Month will then be chosen and announced by the end of the month.

There is no right or wrong reasons for the nomination, it's all up to you! Someone that you think should get a special mention and extra attention in the Candy Crush Community.

Please note that no Game Moderators, Community Managers or Kingsters can be Candy Crushers of the Month.

Also players that already have been the Candy Crusher of the Month once cannot be chosen again. This means our Candy Crusher in July @Freddy_ and in August @Scooterpie cannot be nominated again.

Don't hesitate to nominate your candidate.

We need all tagged names by 22 September 2021!



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