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Self-Exploding bombs or random made candy for no reason.

Medic1813Medic1813 Posts: 7 Level 2
edited September 2021 in Tiffi's Idea Library


So I wanted to make a comment to my previous thread but it was closed and considered done…

So from what I understood, special candies that we create during switches done in the level will and can randomly activate for no reason.

And from what I understood from the last post is that you guys won’t change that error in the algorithm of the game because it could cause errors or loss of other algorithm data. I’m not trying to be a jerk here but that seems like a copout for laziness in not fixing an error on the mechanics of the game itself. One can work really hard at trying to create two bombs next to each other to be able to get the bigger blast. But once you create the second bomb and it lands next to the other bomb the just each randomly activate as separate bombs… the issue can get as technical as there be one jelly left to pop and because or a randomly activated special candy one could or would lose the level. It has happened too many times to count for me. And to simply brush the idea off as it could be a risk to other algorithm component slide to lack of wanting to fix what is honestly a massive flaw in the game as a whole seems super dismissive.

I feel like this should be fixed in a potential next big update somehow. You all run a massive company with hundreds of coders I’m sure you guys could figure out how to fix this honestly very annoying glitch in your matrix.

Other players please comment what you guys think! I’d like to know if I’m just crazy or if others are seeing this flaw in your algorithm as a massive hinderance in the gameplay.

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