Order locks that have multi-order

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This will be great for making levels

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    Here i will also suggest an order lock requiring jelly.

    For example, an order lock requires 80 blue, but with this new feature, it can be 80 blue and 80 green. Combining the ingredient suggestion which someone else made, and the jelly suggestion I made here, order locks can make levels trickier

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    Hello and welcome

    When you open an idea, what you could imagine to see in the game should already be stored there. Because the players should be able to vote there. You only read one sentence, that's insufficient.

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    Hello @Gamer5687 - I hope you have been having fun here in the community and that you have participated in some of our fun contests and competitions.

    It is an interesting idea. You want to make the order locks more challenging by adding more orders and even Jelly. I’m not sure if this is something the studio has time to do at this time but will leave your idea open for now and see how many votes it gets.

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    Not enough votes. Closing.

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