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🎃🍬 Trick or Treat? and Claim your Candy Halloween badge!

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If Yeti and Tiffi came to your door saying “Trick or Treat?”.

What would you say?

Imagine that Yeti and Tiffi knocked on your door saying “Trick or Treat?”.

What would you do and which one would you choose? Trick or Treat?

Vote on the option you would prefer, but comment also if you chose a trick, what trick do you think they would do? Or if you choose Treat, what treat would you give them?

All players that vote and comment will get this Candy Halloween 2021 badge!

More Halloween in the game and in the Community!

Find all details about the Halloween events in the game HERE.

Help Tiffi in the kitchen with her pumpkin pie and get chance to win Gold Bars and UFO Boosters HERE.

You have until Friday 5 November 2021 to claim your badge.

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🎃🍬 Trick or Treat? and Claim your Candy Halloween badge! 280 votes

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