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🍰 Are you ready for a new Baking Adventure in Candy Crush Saga?

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 11,926 Community Manager
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Something shaking and baking is coming to Candy Crush Saga!

Get ready to whip, stir, fry, bake and glaze. As soon as Halloween is over, we'll kick off the Candy Crush Saga Baking Adventure!

Tiffi and Olivia are in full preparation already.

As you see in the Candy Crush kitchen, Tiffi and Olivia are preparing some delicious pastry candies.

Four new special candies will appear in the game during the Baking Adventure! Can it get more delicious than this?

What exactly is coming up?

More info coming soon, so stay tuned in the Community!

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🍰 Are you ready for a new Baking Adventure in Candy Crush Saga? 72 votes

I love to bake and super excited to get the Baking Adventure started!
Crazy Cat LadElsaWerner_CichyColleen12Yorben_GoereeNat09aautz1bmkersey08MiladyRstef695laleyHavishsanto_chris97MollyShechicerillame6412carmenechevarriaSuebdo249penkenJessicaBilly 41 votes
I'm not a baking expert, but pretty sure I will crush this challenge!
Beth_Mc_HughTzvi_MarcuMaria_ColellaGlenn1972ateoNenikapakiteresawallace44aijaziqbalCats4CazShilviya18Remano88GlenysBndaozLoser9SabrinyGoldenswordzKCullen127Vixsyn2502playgowomen18PurpleQuee 22 votes
Hmmm... Pastries in Candy Crush Saga? Really?
SabrinaMkiara_waelSpinnifixDeepshikhaSharanDukeSR8cwsherwoodLofaarJoãovgalemiller60 9 votes


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