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🎁❄️ Sweet Surprise Season! Delicious December events in Candy Crush Saga



  • Tzvi_Marcu
    Tzvi_Marcu Posts: 2,579 Level 5

    @Nix66 It's not a loss that you do not have the Calendar, in first day I didn't had it too. In second day the prize was timed boosters, 3rd day it was to buy some boosters and today the prize for part of the players was also timed boosters for collecting 30 stars. I agree with you that every one need to receive all the events (today is not the situation).

  • c69cam
    c69cam Posts: 28 Level 2

    These events are great if you could actually complete levels! Level 10639 is broken and it seems to have changed from the posts I have seen online. Why are there different versions and why do you require boosters without providing a way to earn them. Is there anyone actually playing these levels to make sure that they work?

  • Appsv
    Appsv Posts: 78 Level 2

    Well I would only say is it the only level 10679 which is faulty ? How about 10672 ? I did write a mail to King about this and they relied me thank you for your feedback , I will convey your feedback to appropriate team etc. I could only pass these 2 levels by using extra moves , UFO and few hammers .

    Frankly speaking , these change in look and feel of game make it no special when basics ( levels to be played are faulty ) are not error free . I am tired to writing mails to king everytime about problems , then waiting for one month for solution but no resolution .

    it seems to me that this is a matter of pride for them that how they forced players to shop . You may have problems passing levels , claiming rewards everything but their shop never had any problem .

    coming back to events , tell me one event which is actually useful and is great help to cross new levels . I read in comments people are complaining that they not getting snow flakes , few are not getting calendar etc but the awards given at end of these events are 💩💩💩💩 why you all are even wasting your energy pointing it out ?

    snowflakes or no snowflakes how does it enrich your experience when the levels which you need to clear can’t be passed without boosters and mind it there is no way to earn booster , either you can get 1/3 color bomb , may be a hammer and that’s it .

    Gold bars rush - 50 level for 3 gold bar as a reward imagine . Players who had cleared the game already can only play 45 levels a week any which ways but compare the proportion , 50 levels out of which minimum 40 are nasty and you will get 3 gold bars

    The event calendar again gives you timed based booster , will ask to buy things etc so again what’s the use of it ? Even the team events are wasteful , in a nutshell I am not liking anything they are doing because it’s not helping in the game .

  • Waseelah
    Waseelah Posts: 6 Level 2

    Oh great! I'm so excited

  • Ryanthecrusher
    Ryanthecrusher Posts: 534 Level 4

    @Appsv, you misunderstood about the gold rush. You must get 50 gold nuggets to get 3 gold bars. Unless your winstreak is always at 1, yeah, i understand in the 10000s, then it's 50 levels for 3 gold (Failing every level on the first try)

  • Juno
    Juno Posts: 43 Level 2

    I have no December events my game is up to date but have absolutely no December Advent Calendar or any other event. Why is this?

  • christinecederberg
    christinecederberg Posts: 12 Level 2

    What was today's door. I can't see it or get it

  • carmenechevarria
    carmenechevarria Posts: 2,194 Pro Player 👑
  • rwalden75
    rwalden75 Posts: 6 Level 2

    Ive got nothing showing up for December games. I have recent update too. I only had 1 day of getting crowns. Help please.

  • angelae81
    angelae81 Posts: 29 Level 2

    I dont have the Advent calender on my game 😭😭

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