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Feedback on levels 10 746 - 10 790!



  • jeanps
    jeanps Posts: 25,091 Level 5

    I used to love keeping at the top of the saga, but since 10000 I've slowed down considerably because the need for boosters and a 'lucky board' seemed to be increasing exponentially.

    I've just completed level 10789 with a considerable reduction in the number of moves available as compared with those who played it a month ago. It must have taken me 100s of tries, and even then I gave in and used boosters to complete it. Was that fun? No it wasn't.

    I'd love to know what the rationale is for reducing the moves so dramatically.

    I've always been a fan of those levels that make me think about moves, and I expect difficult levels. However, when a level has been tried endless times without even getting close to completion, it's obviously a 'lucky board' level. Once in a while is fine. But it seems to be happening rather frequently to me.

    Anyway, I'll keep dabbling in the game. Every now and then I come across a really fun/clever level, which reminds of why I have played this game for so long..........

  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 10,443 Level 5

    @jeanps Thank you, you have put exactly how I feel. Started playing when the game was first released, nearly 10 years ago. Finished all levels then waited eagerly each week to play new levels. Had many relatives and friends who also played, they have now uninstalled the game, said it has been ruined.

    I am now on level 10786 which again has had moves reduced from 35 to 24. Have played at least 100 times and it's obvious I'm going to have to use boosters at some stage but I'm not getting anywhere near yet.

    Fingers crossed I will pass it soon but now not looking forward to level 10789.

  • jeanps
    jeanps Posts: 25,091 Level 5

    Hi @Carol-38 Great to meet a kindred spirit! I really hope level 10789 is kinder to you than to me....you'll probably get it first time. Please let me know how you go.

  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 10,443 Level 5

    Hi @jeanps you must be psychic, I did pass 10789 on my first go but that was only because of what you had put. I got extra moves and decided to use a UFO I had just got from Fantastic Five, thought of you doing over 100 then needing boosters. So thank you for your post. I am now on 10809, not classed as Hard but moves again reduced from 28 to 20. Have played many times and determined not to use anymore boosters, need to build them up again.

  • js_sj
    js_sj Posts: 23 Level 2

    King finally eased up on some of the levels and I was able to finish the episode. I used what few boosters I had to try and continue my streak but once I was out I soon lost on 10797. Without any boosters at all it's a level that will require that lucky board but frankly I'm finding I'm just bored with the game and the way you have to play it now. Like @jeanps I'll continue to dabble with the game but I think the days of waiting for the new levels to be released and spending a good portion of the day beating them are behind me.

  • jeanps
    jeanps Posts: 25,091 Level 5

    Hi @Carol-38 Well done you! Maybe I accrued some positive vibe credit in those long hours I spent on that level.....very happy if you got some benefit! Strangely after lingering for ever on 10789 I suddenly seemed to be turbo charged. Levels seemed to finish themselves and I'm currently resting on 10821!!

    Hi @js_sj Great to meet yet another kindred spirit. Maybe we'll become the dabbling trio and dabble along together.....but as you say, days of waiting for new levels are a distant memory now.....

  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 10,443 Level 5

    Hi @jeanps hope you are moving up the levels nicely. I am now resting on 10821, what a strange one, and it's not even classed as hard.

  • jeanps
    jeanps Posts: 25,091 Level 5

    Hi@Carol-38 I'm sitting on level 10831 and I think I may be here for a while. Not even coming close with the number of moves. I spent ages on 10821 too. Normally the first in an episode is a starter to get you into the race, but I struggled for ages with this one. Can't remember how I actually got thru it but probably got desperate and used a booster or 2. I try so hard not to use them! Good luck....let me know how you go...

  • karen720
    karen720 Posts: 6 Level 2

    I've been stuck on 10782 and this popped up


  • nursiepooh
    nursiepooh Posts: 319 Level 3

    10783 still impossible and it’s March 2022

    Stuck for days

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