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Feedback on levels 10 791 - 10 835!



  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3

    I know we all pile on @LindQ but it should always be noted that it's not her job to post on here or provide customer service.

    However, given the disgraceful levels being churned out at the minute, people's ire is understandable.

    All we can hope is that the designers have a change of course and reverse the damage they are doing to this game.

    Back to the levels- still stuck at 10834. For some reason, despite being impossible, it has had it's moves reduced. It's a complete farce at this stage.

  • John_58011
    John_58011 Posts: 210 Level 3

    Did not wait until level 10828 would be revised. Three UFO then lots of free switches and lollipop hammers to take the frog without being out of moves. Used enough as to take the last frog on the final move. Remember one take of the frog needs a move, so if four frogs are still needed and three moves left the level is impossible within the moves no matter how many boosters are needed.

    10821, 10816, and 10804 needs reporting, if not already revised. Not 10825 in my view, as no jellies were under the Magic Mixer, and is more challenging, than frustrating. All the levels listed as needs reporting, includes 10828, and are ALL order levels and ALL insanely hard without a fair bit of booster use. Hopefully they can be dealt with, before they appear on Facebook and mobile or else my group in Facebook (Same as Tzvi's above) will have a fresh wave of complaints when the levels are open to them.

    The difference between challenging and frustrating levels is the highlight here, had no answer to a previous comment question about this yet.

    Favourite level, 10800, challenging but with so many Special Candy cannons. Not yet finished the release, almost, but in no rush.

    The game payback me, by posting a cascade at the right time, and a number 1 score by a huge margin, on level 10831.

  • Colin_Kwong
    Colin_Kwong Posts: 32 Level 2

    I passed 10828 luckily and hope this kind of disgusting level want appear again but I am wrong. Level 10834 even worst than 10828. Impossible to pass without 2 or more UFO or Party Boosters. Will this one be my farewell level?!

  • John_58011
    John_58011 Posts: 210 Level 3

    In previous weeks have had her post steps seeing levels revised and feedback noted. sadly is different this week, be it Tuesday evening here and a wall of silence. I put in some positive feedback too, although brought attention to the levels that need revising. Through 10834, not as bad as 10828 and those other 3 Order levels. Needed just a single UFO and about 6 wisely used lollys or gloves to help make combos. Included getting a wrapped candy made and mix with a Color Bomb. Two UFOs in fact probably as used a hammer to put a fish next to a wrap. But much more doable than 10828 etc., be it just a jelly level.

    Those Order levels were the worst, and I blame the Studio for releasing those FOUR levels without trying them out.

  • Boybinary
    Boybinary Posts: 2,898 Level 5
    edited December 2021

    Hahahahaha nice update!!!

    I had so many boosters I couldnt use them all was stuck on 10804 and then this happened sugar stars and crowns the whole way!!! um thanks king?

    I really was thinking this would be the first week I wasnt in the wednesday waiting room!!!

    Oh yeah 2 ER as well!!!

    took advantage of the free boosters and won the star tournament as well Haha!!

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 29,898 Friends Moderator

    Ok, also finished this week. Everything was said about the bad levels. One of them also cost me 10 GB. But it is bearable. Still annoying. Let's see what awaits us tomorrow. Noooo, it's already today. So in 14 hours approximately.

  • LindQ
    LindQ Posts: 562 Kingster
    edited December 2021

    I see you all, and we do read your comments (I do, at least, and try to speak on your behalf!). Difficulty of levels is (unfortunately) not something we designers have full control over, a lot of those decisions come from other directions based on analysis and a bunch of other factors. The game is free to play, and we have to monetize the game somehow and finding a good balance between difficulty, monetization and fun is hard, especially at the end of content where we have such a big mix of long time players, extremely skilled players, casual players etc. We have been trying out many new things lately (you might have realized a few weeks ago many levels were very hard, this week we have extra hard hard levels but fewer levels are tweaked to that difficulty and they will stay that way on mobile as well) to try and find the best balance. Our top priority for next year is to settle on something that works well for everyone!

    Being here and answering comments is not a part of my job description, but I like talking to you all about our levels so I try to take the time to do so! However, I have been really busy lately trying to wrap things up before the end of the year and before the holidays. I do want to note though that this is still work for me, and I will in most cases not do it during weekends (even though I like hanging out with you, I need to disconnect from work when I'm not working, it's a healthy work-life balance!).

    I'm glad that you all share your feedback, and I hope that despite your complaints you enjoyed this weeks Christmas spirit, we spent a lot of time on it. And even when I'm not here to answer comments we still review level data. We do that every day anyway (and levels are never left impossible. None of these new levels are the hardest in the game so far, you have completed harder levels before. The hardest levels are still between 4000-6000) 🤗

  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3
    edited December 2021

    Interested to hear that you reckon 4000-6000 has the hardest levels @LindQ. It is a while ago now, but i don't recall any levels then needing 2 UFOs and/or a party booster to get past. I'm not even sure either of those features was present when i played them, the party booster obviously wasn't anyway. Perhaps the difficulty has been ramped up since then! Certainly, the levels in the last few weeks have been far and away the hardest i have ever come across, the rubbish initial 9990-9999 notwithstanding.

    Of course, back in the day, we had the ability to quit a level without it costing a life if you hadn't made any moves on the board, and the equivalent of the booster necklace was much better than it is now, so that obviously helped with the harder levels.

    Anyway, another 2 UFOs finally got me through 10834, so ready to go for this weeks funhouse.

  • lakiere
    lakiere Posts: 925 Level 3

    Hi everyone, I ve not play this level. Thk

  • Spieler_8675309
    Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,288 Level 5


    You're around the 5000s, eh?

    Good on you, keep it moving...

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