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Booster not always visible in game

Squirrelwife Posts: 136 Level 3

So, i am at level 6070. Decided to sacrifice one of my boosters (sprinkled chocolate ball) to help me with the game.

I couldn't do anything with it as it got immediately covered, and i could not use it at all when i finished the game, it stayed covered.

This is the 2nd time this happens, and i don't find it particularly fair not to be allowed to use a booster that i had earned previously....?


  • Squirrelwife
    Squirrelwife Posts: 136 Level 3

    It just happened one more time. I figured i'd give it a chance, got another booster, that one disappeared under the covered square as well.

    What's the use of getting boosters if you cannot use them.

    This is the first time i am really annoyed at Candy Crush Saga.

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