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Shelley_MillsShelley_Mills Posts: 5 Level 2
edited January 24 in Support

Why is it everytime you have aa game update n Candy Crush Saga, I lose all of my saved lives? Surely you have folks that work there that can fix this - right? Then when I try and get my lives back, I end up in some sort of Twilight Zone of gaining about 6 lives, and then they disappear too. This is BS. Frankly, I think you help and support desk are useless.


  • HavishHavish Posts: 3,630 Level 5
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  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 86,846 Candy Moderator

    Hi and welcome to the King Community

    Lives received from Facebook friends are notifications sent in Facebook. They're held in your profile and delivered into the game once per notification.

    This means that if you update Facebook, change your profile, reinstall the Facebook app or even update its app software, those Facebook notifications may get lost, as they've been delivered and cleared from the queue. While it is possible to store in-game messages from your friends, due to these factors outside our control, we cannot guarantee that they will remain on your device indefinitely.

    Lives can also be lost through an update to the game, your own device or by restarting your device, which clears a certain amount of memory, depending on your device. We therefore recommend limiting the number of messages and lives that you save; a full mailbox can also affect the functionality of the game.

    Check also the page here about the Lives.

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