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If this game allows only the hackers, then I'm going on that way too...

unknownh24gunknownh24g Posts: 1,127 Level 4
edited January 26 in Discussions

I've seen that many are using the hacked version and they could literally pass more than 75 levels per day. And those level designers are also giving good boards to them only.

1000 to 5000 are stupidly hard and while 8000 - 11000+ are super easy. What a stupid game!

In a game, the hardness should increase from lower to upper levels. i.e. level 5000 should be much harder than level 3007. But this game... totally inverse.

So if you're only giving the ones who don't have any skill and uses the hacked version the oppertunity to pass, then I'm going with it too.


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