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  • Shagunpro
    Shagunpro Posts: 270 Level 3

    So yummy

    Here is my tasty juicy Jalebi

  • pbgroupie
    pbgroupie Posts: 28 Pro Player 👑

    No pictures to share because they ate it all, but we eat "country" food, simple and wholesome, and usually comforting, too. Last night, to celebrate my SIL's birthday, he requested my chicken and dumplings.

    I usually cook from scratch (healthier and cheaper 😉) so I blanched the chicken breasts in salt water and set them aside to cool. Once cool enough to handle, I cut them into bite-sized pieces and cover to keep warm.

    Next come the homemade dumplings. We like ours bite-sized, so I roll out the seasoned dough into ropes and cut them. Then they get dumped in batches into the boiling salt water that I cooked the chicken in, covered and set aside.

    Next comes the homemade gravy, starting with the celery and onions sauteed in butter. I add some flour to thicken, and heavy cream. Then I add the half and half and additional seasonings until a good consistency is achieved, if necessary adding regular milk so the gravy can coat the chicken and dumplings.

    To make it easier, I plop everything into my large oval crockpot, stir and heat gently, always keeping below the boiling point. Or you can refrigerate when cool to eat at another meal.

    Side dishes are usually sharp cheddar cheese slices from a block of cheese, a side salad, apple sauce, and butter bread. You may think this is a very rich dish, and it is, but because it's so filling you don't eat a lot at one sitting.

  • christine88
    christine88 Posts: 841 Level 4

    Homemade nachos on tostadas

  • Poutsy
    Poutsy Posts: 51 Pro Player 👑

    Today I made bread from scratch forr the 1st time. I'm pleased with the way this recipe turned out... And it tastes pretty decent!

  • JellyIce
    JellyIce Posts: 5 Newbie

    In my dinner party, I would make sure that there is something for everyone! My main centrepiece would be Chocolate cake because I believe that is an easy crowd pleaser. Other sweet dishes would be strawberry cheesecake, lemon meringue pie and huge cookies.

    In particular, I would make all the desserts bite-sized so everyone can have a taste of everything!


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