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🍬🐢 Candy Creative Season - creative and candylicious events in Candy Crush Saga!

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Candy Creative Season!

23 May - 19 June

Creative and candylicious events with our new family member Archie the Toffee Turtle.

Candy Creative Season is our season where Archie the Toffee Turtle will make his entrance. The first Candy Crush character created by the players!

These creative weeks all blue candies will also be reskinned into sweet turtle candies.

Archie will pop up in various events both in the game and here in the Community!

Loads of sweet and challenging fun are waiting.

Here's the main candylicious events during the Candy Creative Season:

Collection adventures!

Join Archie and Tiffi in four different adventures in the Candy Kingdom!

23 - 29 May Fishing Collection

30 May - 5 June Diving Collection

6 - 12 June Frozen Collection

13 - 19 June Garden Collection

Collect the sweet turtle candies each week on your regular levels and claim a reward when hitting the weekly goal!

Vault challenge!

A weekly challenge with two rounds. Make sure to open at least the fist vault in the start of the week, to qualify to the next round!

Monday to Thursday - Qualifier round

Pass levels on your regular Saga map to unlock the Bronze, Silver and the final Gold Vault.

For every vault you reached and open a reward will be given.

Friday to Sunday - Final Round

Play the second round of the challenge and compete against other players on a leader board.

All players will be in the Bronze, Silver or Gold league. Depending on which vault you managed to open in the first round. 

Collect the blue turtle candies on your levels to get to the top on your leader board. The top 10 players will be rewarded, but the number one player will get an extra sweet reward!

Share your score from the challenge and win even more Boosters HERE in the Community!

Saga Stories - Archie the Toffee Turtle

Thursday to Sunday 

Tiffi is showing around Archie in the Candy Kingdom.

Follow the story on your Saga map when playing your levels. Meet all other characters in Candy Kingdom and check also the candy history books with Odus.

Claim sweet bonuses on your way through the Saga!

More creative and candylicious events in the Community!

Meet Archie and give us feedback on the first Candy character created by the players HERE.

Play the Vault challenge and claim your vault badge. Extra Boosters also to win HERE!

Collect candies with Archie! Collect the blue turtle candies in your game and get the chance to win Gold Bars HERE!

Find Archie's hat! Find the correct hat to Archie and get a chance to win 50 Gold Bars HERE!

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