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We want your feedback on the levels 11 871 - 11 915!

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,872 Community Manager
edited May 25 in Discussions

We want your feedback on the levels  11 871 - 11 915!

New sweet levels are released every week in Candy Crush Saga and the Levels Designers want your feedback to make the game even sweeter.

On this thread you have the chance to give all your feedback on levels 11 871 - 11 915 directly to the people behind the levels!

We want to know how you feel about the following things!

1 Was there any level you would have made differently? Some detail on a level that you would had changed or removed perhaps?

2 How long did it take to complete all the levels? 45 levels, did you manage to crush these in a week or how long did it take?

3 What was your absolute favorite level? Which level would you like to play one more time?

Comment all feedback to the Team about the new levels on this page!

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  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 4,648 Level 5

    Sasha Banks has her "Bank Statement." My signature move is the Pi / Pie 3.14

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,223 Level 5
    edited May 25


    And do you know what might be next for her?!?

    Maybe she'd link up with Jade Cargill's baddies or something, but would try to be the lead baddie at some point; she's boss, after all.

    But anyway, let's see about those levels (before they're f***** up)...

  • GoldenswordzGoldenswordz Posts: 455 Level 3
    edited May 26

    I dislike these levels already? They're almost all 4 colored, which sucks, because we have uncontrollable cascades galore. Just so you know, a "fun" level is not a level with 4 colors. The designs of the levels have degraded even more from last week, and are all 4 colored

    Please just make more 5 or even 6 colored levels. It would be much better having control over the board, over having absolutely none.

    *Seems like King is unable to take any negative feedback anymore? So now are comments are sent for approval? This is terrible? We should have a right to voice an opinion and be able to make changes. Please remove this new approval system.

    Overall these levels I've played so far are much worse than last week's. Filled to the brim with uncontrollable cascades, and also levels filles with way too many blockers. This gives me bad memories of the 9000s, those levels were the worst. And it seems king has made a full return to levels like that. Please just make more 5 and 6 colored levels. Even that would be a small improvement. We want more control over the board.

    *Edited by CM: Merged multiple posts

  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 907 Level 3

    First episode done, the first few are very easy, there is then a pile of unspeakably dull levels in the middle, before it picks up towards the end. The levels in the middle are tedious, you need all of the many moves provided, and they will not doubt be impossible after a visit from the King mangler next week.

  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 4,648 Level 5

    @Goldenswordz it is not some new approval system. I have gone for approval many times over the years. Certain things trigger this so I am told. Certain words, a lot of edits. The lot of edits I truly do not understand. I for one have trouble sometimes conveying my thoughts so I reread what I have written and edit. When what you write down does not even make sense to you, it is edit time.

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,293 Level 4

    Finished the first Episode. Agree with @Michael-6, the first few levels were ok then the rubbish began. There is absolutely no imagination in the rest of the Episode. Continuous levels of blockers, cascades and boredom, culminating in the abomination that is Level 11879 !! Not only did it have Sour Skulls and Rainbow Rapids, it was loaded with blockers including a Cake Bomb that served not purpose. To top off this rubbish it had a 3 item order !!

    I hope the next 2 Episodes have been designed by someone with a modicum of skill and imagination.

  • LindarkLindark Posts: 4,110 Legend

    Found these levels to be reasonable and a great set to play! Just finished all three episodes :) Good luck friends!

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,293 Level 4

    Second Episode finished not much better than the first. The blocker obsession continues together with the lack of imagination.

    Level 11892 is probably one one the most pathetic Rainbow Rapids ever produced. Need to say no more.

    But then we have the exciting weekly competition, Vault Challenge, where you have to pass new levels to get a Bronze, Silver and Gold Vault. I have now played 32 levels. At level 3 the bronze Vault appeared, clicked on it - nothing. No more vaults have appeared. Another farcical chapter in the incompetence stakes !!

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