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⬜️🍒🍬 Which level is the sweetest? Let us know and win 24h Unlimited Lives!

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,055 Community Manager
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What level in the game is your favourite level?

Or do you have several favourites?

Which game mode do you prefer on a level?

Let us know and win 24h Unlimited Lives!

How to participate and win the Unlimited Lives?

1 Vote on your favourite level mode.

2 Play your favourite level and take a screenshot of the game board when you're half way through the level.

3 Let us know why you think the level is extra sweet by commenting here below and attach your screenshot to the comment!

On 8 July we'll pick five players among all favourite levels and give the players 24h Unlimited Lives!

If you have several favourite levels, play and post them all and let us know why they are divine.

You have until Friday 8 July 2022 03:00 EST/ 09:00 CET to comment and vote to win the Unlimited Lives. You’ll find terms and conditions here.

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⬜️🍒🍬 Which level is the sweetest? Let us know and win 24h Unlimited Lives! 335 votes

Jelly levels
Peter_TornarosQueen_Elsakiara_waelcriscounthetvijeanpsNat09aautz1RaerobbieBassin12FaRayhaRohakobby_rhemaMountainMomteresawallace44Nikolaos_ProdromidisVioletGarnerkarenmarie27betchiegrl29Shilviya18 138 votes
Ingredient levels
marief1MaryLuyo2020tiffitoffeeUmik_dark_Melanie_4823Magic_Mixerprince_bkKiranSaniShagunproReptilianM19Chelle_RMJMJ22755PeteABchucky69kasutovirinoPenastargeorgialit43AngelaSosa 49 votes
Order levels
Crazy Cat LadJanie_WightmanOlga-4ThesinkChase_peta71sonjoyDebbarmaevieelsieShivandhniJessicaleandragreddycandyJelly_bean_heartsSir_Colorbomb_Iseereen0seryALIXKATERINEfedericaaaunicorn666AOlasumbo1pillow6AshBholla 39 votes
Mixed mode levels
MarieselMotherTalzinKerriediamonds444blacmicQamarwshbmkersey08MiladyRCourtney1990MoniqueBroadnaxMollySKingsDaughter14rebelchildproudmary48kcheibAnnieSaysyvsantsktburrelladidas11zs1982nzamap 109 votes


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