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  • BklynCwgrl2022
    BklynCwgrl2022 Posts: 20 Level 2

    Can anyone explain why I was allotted 30 lives yesterday but only 20 today? I can't win anything with I REALLY won't be able to win anything.

  • AndreaAndrea
    AndreaAndrea Posts: 1 Newbie

    I think is a really bad move from king!!! My life is already difficult and king add this to my life… not cool… I don’t like that I only can use 20 lives from friend I already have 900+ lives that I can’t use… they better change otherwise I will change them using another game

  • i’m the guy who waited countless days for new levels to be released during your boom ten years ago. i’m the guy who was patient while you sent out buggy levels after buggy levels. i’m the guy who puts up with your crappy adverts to get additional plays, because i know this is the only way to level up. and i’m also the guy who put down a bunch of cash to chase all those crazy campaigns over the years.

    if after eight and a half years of playing cc you want my free lives back, they’re yours because i’m out … 

  • Roby1177
    Roby1177 Posts: 20 Level 2

    Till yesterday, I was able to use 15 lives only out of 200 lives in my gift box, the limit it can be accepted. I don't like it either.

  • Monette
    Monette Posts: 14 Level 2

    I agree. After playing this game faithfully since 2012, this is our reward. Limit us to game play, forcing us to buy...more like forcing us to start playing another game. The game keeps ripping me off more and more everyday. Time for a change unfortunately because I won't be waiting the 30 minutes to try and play one more game. Dumb move on their part 100% agree.

  • greyhound7982
    greyhound7982 Posts: 18 Level 2

    I had a 15 lives a day limit and now upped to 20. Still unacceptable. And to see someone in an above comment is back to unlimited lives just shows how unfair we’re being treated.

  • Monette
    Monette Posts: 14 Level 2

    I take it's 20 received lives per day and build up until you have 200 (used to be able to build more but then one day they would randomly disappear and if you complained enough, you would get 20 gold bars awarded for the complaint). That means you would have lives banked for 10 days...they probably think it's a good thing to let us bank atleast 200 because they know most of the players will go to something else and won't be sending lives to anyone in this game anymore. This is the dumbest move every since I've been playing in the winter of 2012.

  • ImGrandy
    ImGrandy Posts: 1 Newbie

    I have 200 lives saved, I save them for when I'm loaded with candy wither free or I bought them so I can keep playing as long and I can. When I'm sick from time to time I want to be able to play as long as I can because I don't feel like doing anything else. 20 live a day just won't do. Besides some of the games are so difficult if I don't win them with in the first round or two I can't win them until the pitty game comes along. I'm on level 5207 I think that is pretty awesome. If you don't change it back I will probable give up playing, because it just getting to challenging for this 76 year old.

  • startopaz
    startopaz Posts: 35 Level 2

    Why are gifted lives restricted now?

  • TracyCooper
    TracyCooper Posts: 10 Level 2
    edited September 2022

    At least make it so we can use our lives! What’s the point in encouraging players to send lives back and forth when you’re limited to only being able to accept 20 a day?? Yet another annoying feature that’s going to put a lot of us off playing.. very unfair!

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