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Please enhance the Party Booster a little further.

JeffMakesGamesJeffMakesGames Posts: 75 Level 3
edited August 8 in Tiffi's Idea Library

Currently, the Party Baoster spawns a Color Bomb, Wrapped Candy, Striped Candy, and a Jelly Fish when it is activated.

Can you please make it also add a Coconut Wheel and activate that too? (Maybe even a UFO! but the other 5 are okay too.)

One further idea to maybe think about is.... what if the Party Booster added all of these and didn't activate any of them? Let the player choose how to use the newly added power-ups.

Because if a Color Bomb and a Wrapped Candy spawned next to one another, well, that's a pretty tasty combo waiting to be done right there for a move.

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