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🚫 What happened to my friends in the scoring-list? (Fixed)

José_SavelkoulJosé_Savelkoul Posts: 410 Level 3
edited August 22 in Support

I've noticed something really weird. It's like the game through FB disconnected partially. In one screenshot my friends are showing at the map, but when I click a level, nobody shows, when lots of my friends have passed that specific level. When I click the wheel bottomleft, it just takes me to the Settings-tab, where I can go to "Instructions" and "Functions", nothing else. When playing through the Windows-10 app I can see all of my friends their scores. Is this another glitch perhaps within the game through FB?

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  • José_SavelkoulJosé_Savelkoul Posts: 410 Level 3

    And I've just noticed something else. Could this be a browser-related problem maybe? With the above screenshots I used Mozilla Firefox for browser. I just tried to open the game when using Microsoft Edge, and then I am able to see everyone's scores (and to send lives).

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 7,917 Level 5
    edited July 26

    I can't say that this is the same thing as your issue @José_Savelkoul but the game has become slow to connect to King's servers lately I find and when I first play a level it shows me and only me in first place on the leader board. Obviously I shouldn't be first on the leader board of a level I haven't played yet. I can play the level immediately and when I have finished it shows the leader board correctly. If I wait a minute instead of playing the server connection completes correctly and the correct leader board is shown.

    Something similar happens I feel with Sam's Streak. When it first starts it shows me in first place with one point and everyone else with zero. The next level I play corrects the leader board.

    I use an Android tablet.

    Someone else did have the same issue as you a while ago but that user has been deleted so the screenshot no longer exists.


  • HazelAskey52HazelAskey52 Posts: 3 Newbie

    I play Candy Crush Saga through Facebook, and all my friends names have disappeared from every past level that I have completed, putting me in the 1st position on every scoreboard. Apart from looking very odd, it also means I am unable to send lives to my friends.

    I am also put in 1st position on my current level that I haven't yet completed. After the first and subsequent attempt there is a question mark under my name.

    My browser is Microsoft Edge and is checked for updates twice every day.

    Many of us experienced the same problem this time last week, and the problem lasted for 2 days before things returned to normal. I assume you are aware of this ongoing problem, and hope it will be fixed soon.

  • José_SavelkoulJosé_Savelkoul Posts: 410 Level 3

    At the moment they vanished for me using either one of those browsers @Alienscar. It doesn't matter how long I wait for them to show up, they just don't. Not even at the map anymore, when they still did yesterday. Not even after playing a level. Something's fishy with this, it's not just happening to me. I'm seeing more complaints at the Candy Crush Saga All Help-group.

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 7,917 Level 5

    @José_Savelkoul something is definitely going on as I have the same issue as you now.

  • Colleen12Colleen12 Posts: 478 Level 3

    It is hit a miss on my end. I play with Microsoft Edge 😊

  • José_SavelkoulJosé_Savelkoul Posts: 410 Level 3

    What's going on with this @Crazy Cat Lad? In my opinion, you're not making any "friends" this way (if this really would be intentional). It's affecting more and more people. Please do get this sorted. Thanks in advance.

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 7,917 Level 5

    I can't help thinking @José_Savelkoul that this change is linked to the recently introduced mailbox limits.

    There have been many complaints from people saying what is the point of being able to send/request lives to/from your friends if you are limited to 15 lives a day. I wouldn't mind betting that King think removing the level leader board is a fix for those complaints.

  • José_SavelkoulJosé_Savelkoul Posts: 410 Level 3

    We're having the same thoughts (in a way) @Alienscar. This could very well be linked to the new mailbox limits. Only I think it isn't intentional, but just another nasty "side-effect" (glitch) that appeared after doing another useless change. What's the point of limiting lives, right??? I don't see it. I still would like this to be acknowledged as just another glitch. I'm looking forward to @Crazy Cat Lad announcing that they are aware, and are working on a fix. Looking forward to see all of my friends back in the game, and being able to send them lives.

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 7,917 Level 5
    edited July 27

    To be honest @José_Savelkoul I don't think a glitch could cause an integral part of the game to disappear, so I would say it has to be intentional. I do think that maybe the level leader board has just been temporarily removed whilst they make changes to it. Possibly changes linked to the Player Card announced by @Crazy Cat Lad

    It really wouldn't hurt King to include a little pop-up every time they make a change to a game feature especially a feature that has been included for so long.

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