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Gold Bars

GagariousGagarious Posts: 12 Level 2
edited August 11 in Tiffi's Idea Library

Since it is possible to buy Gold Bars with real cash, the company should create a platform that can make you be able to sell Gold Bars to other players so they make money while having fun.

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  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 7,813 Level 5

    Actually @Gagarious part of the Terms and Conditions that you agree to when you download the app is that none of the virtual goods available in the game can be exchanged for real money.

  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,128 Community Manager
    edited August 11

    Hi @Gagarious !

    As stated in the game's Terms & Conditions, the Gold Bars as all other in-game items cannot be transferred or sold.

    You do not own Virtual Goods, Virtual Money and/or Subscriptions but instead you purchase a limited personal revocable licence to use them - any balance of Virtual Goods and/or Virtual Money does not reflect any stored value. You agree that Virtual Money, Virtual Goods and/or Subscriptions are not transferable to anyone else and you will not transfer or attempt to transfer any Virtual Money, Virtual Goods and/or Subscriptions to anyone else.

    Please note that you agreed to these terms when you downloaded the app and started to play.

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