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Backup Boosters online and make them Transferable to a new phone or exchange them for gold

DArtagnonDArtagnon Posts: 2 Newbie
edited August 11 in Tiffi's Idea Library


I am sure this is not a new idea, but i cant find it anywhere. There are however tons of support questions concerning this topic, so here we go.

Idea: It should be possible to save accumulated boosters online so they can be transferred to a new phone or can be brought back in case of a crash. If this is not possible then make it possible to sell them for gold so they can be saved and you dont loose everything.

I was shocked when my wife just told me she lost all of her boostes when she swiched her phone and learned this is not a bug but a missing feature. I am a hoarder and play the game almost more for the accumulation of boosters than level progression. I love to see haw far I can go with minimal or smart usage of boosters. Especially if real money goes into the game to get boosters this should be an absolute must have. If I lost all my boosters.. which are quite a lot by now.. I would most probably stop playing the game.

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  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 7,917 Level 5

    It is a real shame @DArtagnon that in ten years of being able to play Candy Crush that King hasn't found a way to ensure that people don't lose any game items when they get a new device.

    I am not sure if you are aware, but it is only on Android that this issue applies to as iOS has the iCloud and Windows users don't lose the boosters anyway.

    Thing is if you know what you are doing you can still keep you boosters when you change device by saving your game to a micro SD card.

    All that said your idea is actually a duplicate and as you are aware duplicate ideas aren't allowed

    Sorry, but your idea of selling boosters for gold is also a duplicate

  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,137 Community Manager


    The Boosters are saved directly on the device so you can use them even though you are offline or in flight mode.

    You can transfer the Boosters with a backup system or cloud when changing device. The options depends on what device you play on and what options the platform offers.

    Any purchased items can always be resent to your new device when contacting our Player Support.

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