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🎉💗 Quick Question - Which of these do you prefer to win in the game?

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,137 Community Manager
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So many different rewards and in-game items you can win in Candy Crush Saga.

If you were able to choose your reward and the options would be a Party Booster or 2h Unlimited Lives, which of them would you choose?

Vote and comment on the reward you'd prefer!

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🎉💗 Quick Question - Which of these do you prefer to win in the game? 75 votes

Party Booster
Peter_TornaroscookiemaeBeth_Mc_HughJeffMakesGamesKimmy-2Alexandra_TangAndres-2ScooterpieSabrinaMGlenn1972KerrieEnergizerBunnybearwithmeDeryckjeanpsaautz1BoybinaryBQN537siti_payungbmkersey08 55 votes
2h Unlimited Lives
Crazy Cat LadMary-Ann_AvellaFaRayhaShilviya18Princess_Jessicalelensplillyb51gisalygreddycandygordan10KCullen127prince_bkRox7383kimsmitgytderDLuvsH3rM4ntheJezzaBellakholoudelarabiJadisMoon21soulgwnwazwaz 20 votes


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