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Put back no penalty for purchase

ZsazsaSusan Posts: 68 Level 2
edited November 21 in Discussions

After I made a simple purchase of 1.99 minus the 99.credit I had on Google play..sweet cinema went away. As a customer I was willing to spend hours clicking through reward ads. Some worked and gave rewards..some not at all..time wasted. But I was still willing to try my luck. It was like a one arm bandit machine..the ads for rewards.sometimes you got it sometimes you didn't.. but hey for entertainment purposes. Please remove the penalty for making a purchase..don't stop players from enjoying the game. I can no longer compete on streaks which is my only option for gold. Since that 99. Cent purchase..this game has stalled. My reward. Errrrt no go forward on levels unless you have gold and can buy them to get boosters.or extra lives. Or pay cash


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