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🏆 Candy Cup - Did you make it to the Finals?

FluffyDinosaur Posts: 1,061 Community Manager

Get ready, everyone - the finals are here!

Let us know by voting in the poll below, did you make it the Finals? If not, remember you have one final Wild Card round for a second chance before the Finals begin, and then we will have our Candy Cup Winners. May the best crusher win! 🎉

🏆 Candy Cup - Did you make it to the Finals? 47 votes

I made it!
Tzvi_MarcuAlexandra_TangScooterpieKerriebearwithmeBassin12DidireolyamtLa LeyCandycrush26ashfordgoonerIdaho_BikerwykoonkkebdaNazzarenaPrincess_Jessicamiyafaroadidas11zs1982RyanthecrusherElviramartinez_61 37 votes
I didn't make it.
Thmoaautz1Pitty_KittyMountainMomNikolaos_ProdromidistexastwintwoEmKa666uchenashinemoonsnuggles66 10 votes


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