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We want your feedback on the levels 12 816 - 12 860



  • Yorben_Goeree
    Yorben_Goeree Posts: 3,856 Level 5

    @Lindark Yes, here is my proof of level 12832 with 5 moves. It’s absolutely impossible to pass. There are not enough moves for clear all targets. Hey Levels-designer’s please check for this level.

  • adelef1fan
    adelef1fan Posts: 11 Level 2

    level 12832 is completely impossible. 20 moves doesn’t even get you started. I don’t think boosters would help either. It’s only gonna be passable if you spend loads of money on gold bars, which is very unfair I had to buy bars which really winds me up. Future levels are even more impossible without paying! Outrageous, it’s supposed to be a game, not paying to pass every impossible level!

  • ellectra
    ellectra Posts: 295 Level 3

    40 gold bars got me half way through the ep. Was hoping to win the 50 gb in the ep race but i keep getting stuck on level after impossible level, so i will win 1 bar instead of the planned 50. One level nedded 35 extra moves and my only ufo.

    Right now on day 2 playing a "normal" level, with several hard ones still ahead. The previous ep was really ok so i was hoping at least these older levels were fixed but nope. This game is awful.

  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 10,751 Level 5

    Seriously @QueenB what's the point of giving any feedback. The following shows just how ridiculous episodes have become. Even levels not marked with any difficulty are. The episodes to come don't look any better either, it isn't motivating, it's just getting to be a right turn off. Maybe some are 'New Sweet Levels' when released but they definitely aren't by the time mobile players get them. Is it just going to carry on like this. It's a shame the Level Designers don't read the feedback and put some fun back.

  • feliciadaniel
    feliciadaniel Posts: 70 Level 2

    Level 12817 needs more moves, cannot pass it. Just not generating combos.

  • ellectra
    ellectra Posts: 295 Level 3

    I would like to know who are the *enter insult here* who clear these levels for release. Like there is normal greed and then there is candy crush level greed. 6 or 7 of these in every ep.

    2nd, harder version of a level 4 weeks ago

    What we get now

    This is only marked as hard when in reality it's impossible. 2 more hard ones ahead, 2 evil and 2 nightmarish. So... 70 gold bars for one ep. No thanks. They've been out for a month now, should have been fixed already.

  • Iceprincess9
    Iceprincess9 Posts: 55 Level 3

    I couldn't agree more. These levels are poorly designed, impossible to pass and force you to use all your boosters and gold bars with no success. If King thinks they can force us to buy boosters and gold bars they guessed wrong. This game used to be fun and a challenge now it's just boring and a waste of time!!!

  • feliciadaniel
    feliciadaniel Posts: 70 Level 2

    Can someone suggest a strategy for level 12852. Start with boosters or not, will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • feliciadaniel
    feliciadaniel Posts: 70 Level 2

    OK I made it thru 12855, however level 12856 is shown as easy but only given 20 moves to clear. This level was previously a nightmarish one. Please clarify.

  • mamahod
    mamahod Posts: 1 Newbie

    I'm stuck on the level with the frog. If I match it with 4 colors the same color the frog is, then it turns a chocolate color. It changes back to its normal color if I match it with 2 of the same color. Sometimes it will blink or open its mouth but I cannot eliminate it and I end up failing the level. I've tried for 4 days to beat it and can't. Please, someone, tell me the secret to beating this level. The frog just won't go away and I can't find any instructions to explain what I have to do to beat it and win this level.

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