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We want your feedback on the levels 12 816 - 12 860



  • Lmpy
    Lmpy Posts: 56 Level 2

    12859, 7 days of wasted effort. The cause of the end of a 44 level win streak. A level that seems to be getting harder to pass with time, rather than easier. A level where the amount of chocolate you need to collect is less than you need to release the cherries. Surely the number should be the same? How many more weeks will I stay on this level? I have mysteriously acquired 10 gold but I'm not going to spend it passing this level, I'm going to see how long it takes me to pass. As I've lost the fast race and the necklace and the week race, I intend to play until I win with just free ad boosters. Wish me luck!

  • Marzop
    Marzop Posts: 148 Level 3

    I passed all levels fast !!🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • feliciadaniel
    feliciadaniel Posts: 70 Level 2

    OK, so level 12859 has 20 moves, surprise, surprise. What not being allowed to pass these levels? Please be fair, I have no gold bars, boosters very few. Really guys!!

  • justafoo
    justafoo Posts: 32 Level 2

    12856 is simply ridiculous!

  • summatcool
    summatcool Posts: 16 Level 2

    12829 impossible please fix , getting beyond a joke playing is supposed to be fun not frustrating!!!

  • doll2002
    doll2002 Posts: 11 Level 2

    This level is ridiculous. I've wasted time, gold bars, and boosters and I'm still stuck on this level. I was down to 1 jelly and guess what no boosters. Was I tempted to buy boosters? No I'll keep my money. Same on the developers for stacking a level like this.

  • Iceprincess9
    Iceprincess9 Posts: 55 Level 3

    Level 12844 with only 20 moves? Seriously King just one ridiculous level after another. This is getting really old!

  • sstorch01
    sstorch01 Posts: 4 Newbie

    I am stuck on level 12,850. I have used extra boosters but still can’t pass. Any suggestions?

  • Colleen12
    Colleen12 Posts: 559 Level 4

    I just finished the Episode ending in level 12860. This episode has 8 levels, over half, that are hard, super hard or nightmarishly hard but that does not take into consideration that ones that are not. The next episode does not look much better. When a level is not indicated as hard one would not expect to need 90 extra moves to pass. Please at least consider reinstating the initial moves for each level instead of reducing them continuously.

  • cwgames99
    cwgames99 Posts: 60 Level 2

    I reached level 12850 at the end of the day November 23, played a few times but didn’t quite beat it & expected to beat it the following day with some booster help. However, before playing again I updated the app (I play on my iPad) & level 12850 is now completely impossible, even though labeled “hard”. Extra blockers of all types were added with only 23 moves. Most of the videos posted do not have the extra blockers. Only using an extra 70 moves (20+ gold bars) was I able to get close, unfortunately I had no lollipop boosters at that time to finish. I’ve been on this level for days now, playing at least 50 times a day & with no hope of earning any gold bars. It is quite discouraging. Please help.

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