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We want your feedback on the levels 12 861 - 12905



  • Thesink
    Thesink Posts: 60 Level 3

    Thanks for all the comments, they make it easier to leave CCS right now.

  • lorraineq12
    lorraineq12 Posts: 99 Level 2

    Has anyone managed to complete 12883. 20 moves. Getting nowhere close

  • WalleyeGuy1967
    WalleyeGuy1967 Posts: 27 Pro Player 👑
    edited November 2022

    Level people! Edited by CM:🤨 Hold on a bit! Please remember to be sweet and kind - Check our House Rules 

  • nafeesah
    nafeesah Posts: 5 Level 2

    Level 12871 is ridiculous and I cannot get passed it. I have asked for help 3 times and you just send a automated response to check the community forum tips. Obviously we do that before emailing to ask for help. I have finished all my gold and boosters trying to pass this level. If you want players to continue playing then you need to sort out this crazy levels immediately. And players on these kind of levels you should be giving them more boosters and gold in order to make progress. Rethink and make ammendment and send extra boosters and gold to players that passed level 10000. Also send all people that are asking help the necessary help and not a silly automated response

  • diegolito
    diegolito Posts: 15 Level 2

    Level 12829 with 20 moves is simply impossible. Stop the money grab.

  • Karen123
    Karen123 Posts: 125 Level 3

    Level 12,829 is impossible to complete without boosters and with only 20 moves. Cannot find a video without the use of extra moves/boosters and more often than not both!

    Why play as not even getting close!

  • sstorch01
    sstorch01 Posts: 4 Newbie

    Hi! I am very stuck on level 12,850. I have made it this far and feel like there is no way to win this level even with extra boosters.

  • Lmpy
    Lmpy Posts: 56 Level 2

    Thanks for the warnings, people, for some seriously bad levels to come. But so far no one has mentioned level 12865, the one I'm currently stuck on, with too few moves and way more blockers than the original format. I play on 5 devices and one has kept the original number of blockers whereas the rest have had an upshift, so I can see the evidence in front of me of the changes that King are making. And this level is only a "hard" level, not a "nightmarishly hard" one. I can't get close with the new format, I repeatedly have more than 100 jellies left when I run out of moves. In the old version with less blockers, I've got closer couple of times but now I am waiting for my final device to switch to the new updated impossible version with resignation.

  • Lmpy
    Lmpy Posts: 56 Level 2

    I should say that I have been hanging back from keeping up with the game developers, because as soon as the levels hit the mobiles, they are are "fixed" to be impossible. However, it looks like so many people are sick of the game and are leaving it, there is no feedback coming in, and the levels are not returned to sensible playability before I've got to them. So perhaps my only choice is to leave too?

  • feliciadaniel
    feliciadaniel Posts: 70 Level 2

    Level 12862 needs more moves, could only clear half of the board even with boosters.

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