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Bring back the old chocolate box - Share your feedback!



  • SuzanneB
    SuzanneB Posts: 135 Level 2
    edited June 30

    Yes! Bring back the non-timed boosters! And gold bar prizes! And landscape mode while you're at it! And STOP taking away moves and making some of /a lot of the levels so hard that they are now 'pay to pass' levels!!!

    See what happens when try to fix what ain't broke? If your fans are not complaining about something, why change it? Do you want them to complain? You must do since you've changed up just about everything possible and have all the fans complaining about something or other. Maybe ya'll are happy now?

  • T0rr1e
    T0rr1e Posts: 129 Level 2

    I have decided King do not care about complaints, ( they ignore all of us) I have been reading soooooooo many complaints on this site Lives, Portrait/Landscape, CR, and now the chocolate box. They must be getting enough money from die hard fans that must be still buying or they would have done something about it by now. That they have not done anything proves that they do not care. I think even the moderators have given up saying anything as they know King are not listening. I still play, but only for a few minutes until I use up my 5 lives and then l do other things. I have never bought anything from King and I never will, I will never waste real money on a game, especially a game that does not listen to complaints. But as I said earlier they must still be making heaps of money from other players that they do not care about the complainers.

  • penken2010
    penken2010 Posts: 73 Level 2

    I agree. I am tired of all the changes that make it harder to play. I am tired of spending my hard earned money to play a game.

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