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Bring back the old chocolate box - Share your feedback!



  • mandrak
    mandrak Posts: 199 Level 3

    Why do you really believe these thieves? They took so much and returned the crumbs. As if the players were listening. Laughter.🤬

  • CEG-2
    CEG-2 Posts: 89 Level 3
    edited January 17

    This new chocolate box is an insult. I will play my daily five lives, not spending one more dollar, and most likely stop playing all together. Pity, they have made a lot of money off of me over the years, not anymore.

  • Deryck
    Deryck Posts: 1,055 Level 5

    I only ever completed the box when the lollipop hammers were there. I always let the timer run out the moment I received the silver box.

    Now I don't need to touch the Choco Box at all. 🙄

    Well, this one time anyway to see what they contain: 5-min, 10-min, and currently (at silver box) 30-min color bombs & striped/wrappeds. I can only imagine what the "prize" of the gold box is.

  • prince_bk
    prince_bk Posts: 261 Level 3

    Demise of king


  • Deryck
    Deryck Posts: 1,055 Level 5

    The timer expired before I could reach the gold box last time, so I had to wait to redo things.

    Hope this saves anyone else here the trouble of wasting their time on this crappy feature/box. King didn't even have the decency to make the timed boosters a full hour--not that that was ever the draw anyway. So long, UFO. 👋

  • Rhonda_L
    Rhonda_L Posts: 295 Level 3

    Yeah, sure, QueenB. The "team" doesn't listen to us that actually play the game. They totally ignore the problems and continue to make stupid changes ie the map, ie dropping Fab5, ie changing Candy Royale to 10 lvls from 7, ie adding more blockers to make it harder to win, and of course, changing the chocolate boxes to take away our well earned boosters for a big 5 and 10 and 15 minutes of cake bombs and stripes? You and they have to know those "rewards" are worthless!

    Tell me something...why in the heck wont the PTB respond to these issues? We have valid complaints about a game we love. They've gotten really skimpy on second and third place rewards. Shame on you!

    One last thing, what the hell is going on with the ads lately? I've been f'd so many times since Sunday out of my winning streaks, gold bars and lives. The ads are NOT playing right if they play at all and it keeps screwing me on free moves.

    How 'bout you fix this crap before you start changing stupid stuff that doesn't need to be changed?!?!

  • T0rr1e
    T0rr1e Posts: 82 Level 2

    I hate how hard they make a level so hard to pass just 15 moves its almost impossible. Then suddenly after I have been playing a level for weeks I will suddenly pass that level with moves left over? That seem so strange to me, I refuse to buy boosters, and I am really getting tired of this game I think it is rigged, as King wants to force people to buy boosters to pass levels, and that is why they keep changing things and making levels harder, to get rid of people like me who don't spend.

  • nsvolos
    nsvolos Posts: 41 Level 2

    If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Candy Crush, you suck

  • Andres-2
    Andres-2 Posts: 4,007 Level 5

    The old box of chocolate appeared, it's better, I still need to see the silver and gold box if the rewards are worth it.

  • amanta4ray
    amanta4ray Posts: 38 Level 2

    I liked the old chocolate box better. Not every level needs boosters and them giving you ones that are timed (and at a very short duration) are useless. Why can't we win the boosters to use at our own discretion??

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