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🗺 New Saga Map Makeover - Check it out!

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Hello hello!

We are excited to share that we are working on a new and improved map, and at the moment, it is only available for a selected group of players…

Are you among the lucky ones? If so, please share your thoughts with us- we’d love to know what you think of the new map! You know, sharing is caring, right? 😉

🧐 So, how does the new Saga map look now?

Take a look at a Tutorial video made by one of the community members here.

What do you think?

Please vote and comment on how the new Saga map makes you feel and what you like or dislike about this new map.

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🗺 New Saga Map Makeover - Check it out! 616 votes

Sweet! I love the new saga map
Lady_ChooNancy_Savusa_Elsa_cookiemaeJohn_SpearsAndres-2ScooterpieVinicius_SutilMary-Ann_AvellaDiamond_Limcrafty319__MULLIGANACEOUS__krisewardEOTheGr8Courtney1990dawnmvanstone74happymom92617louisBlackBenvdmNikolaos_Prodromidis 158 votes
Divine! It's so much easier to navigate with
ChantellelisanMiaChristineSpinnifixkay3665john4andersencrystalskylaurabhighmadhliwayokarynbpenkencandyujwalmymeshell1975ingrid57windo789456123PattyManwhispzmaggiecacaJJ09012011catluvmatt 40 votes
Sour! I don't like the new saga map... (please tell us why)
bj456cakefairy56GingersnappygKatrina_AJim_KaralesMarilynd_Beth_Mc_HughRichefeuKaren123Nigel_CleavesTzvi_MarcuLisafinzMarylou_StephAmburgeyJohnny_Crushauntee9José_SavelkoulRoma_SafovichAlicia_CasilliRoz_Fine_Itelson 349 votes
Old map or new map, I just love the journey through the Candy Kingdom
CEG-2Nancy_MillsBrenda_EmmettBrandi_Lanae_Guyfielo79ruchijainLindz10261AjFran334faxeee1ECV3TRUPTIRRATHIgreddycandy97kj11Thomas1953[Deleted User]LadyGaivman5znckidsTerri_1Nico_G 69 votes


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