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Novapichu - A Spooky Introduction! (New Community Manager)



  • spottedhorse
    spottedhorse Posts: 205 Level 3

    Hello and welcome to the land of daily changes,,,,many of which are disturbing!

    No clue nor bless on your questions,

    My question, what happened to being able to check the races to the finish positions?


    Best wishes and happy spooky March madness CC STYLE.

  • Shagunpro
    Shagunpro Posts: 618 Level 4
    • I have crashed over 200 cars!Β πŸ˜…
    • False
    • I have been ranked top 10 in the world in a video game!
    • A friend
    • I love skydiving and do it twice every year!
    • true

  • Doondie
    Doondie Posts: 1,253 Level 5

    Salutations back at you, Mr/Ms Newbie Pichu! 😊

    Welcome to the forum! ✨

    First, ASL pls. If you're too young to know what this is, ASL stands for "age, sex, location". Good ol' mIRC times... /sigh πŸ˜”

    Second, is @QueenB retiring? 😲

    Third, what level are you on in Candy Crush Saga? A screenshot would be appreciated.

    Now, let's get down to business. I sincerely hope you won't start feeding community members pre-written replies, especially when it's about known issues such as taking video ads away from paying players. I also hope you won't act merely as a needless intermediary between us and King but rather as a players' advocate. There are topics that need serious attention.

    Since you brought up forum management, I'd like to make an improvement suggestion. Or two, actually.

    First, please stop (moderators) closing threads because someone posted in another language. Instead of making a post to tell the person to create yet another thread (really?!), why not use a translator to do this yourself - it takes seconds and saves forum space. A warning that further non-English posts would be deleted directly because of forum rules is more than enough.

    Second, please give moderators rights to approve comments. Unlike CMs, they visit the forum in non-business hours. Waiting for comment approval for half a day or more is quite annoying. While at it, please remove the word "RoyΓ’lty" (without the special character) from the world filter. Right now it feels like you're censoring players' voice.

    In conclusion, I hope we see the fruits of your communication workshop. It will be good if we learn about changes/tests before they take place. Latest example - reworked green candies (I know an event is being prepared but we had to ask you first). An earlier example - "testing" the removal of landscape screen orientation despite previous overly negative feedback. I won't say anything further here as the situation is plain absurd.

    Have fun community managing and see you around! πŸ™ƒ

  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 14,991 Candy Moderator

    A very warm welcome @Novapichu! I am very excited to be working with you.

    Here are my guesses:

    False - crashed 100 cars

    True - going sky diving twice a year

    Another fried - being ranked 10 in the world for a video game.


  • Racoon7
    Racoon7 Posts: 12,634 Pro Player 👑

    A very warm welcome @Novapichu lovely to be introduced to you, thank you dear @Diamond_Lim πŸ€—

    I would say:

    • I have crashed over 200 cars!Β πŸ˜…is false
    • I have been ranked top 10 in the world in a video game! is a friend
    • I love skydiving and do it twice every year! and this is you

    Thank you for the fun introduction, I look forward to seeing your work here πŸ€—

  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 5,476 Level 5
    edited March 1

    Greetings once again @Novapichu! I do not have enough knowledge of you to be able to make a hypostasis. What do I know is that you played Pokémon and love Pichu. You are a friendly ghost with perhaps a little haunting/mischievousness in mind. I did not understand about "I'm a toaster! 🍞"? Are you a friendly ghost who lives in a toaster?

  • BettinaRick
    BettinaRick Posts: 239 Pro Player 👑

    A very very warm welcome @Novapichu Greetings from Denmark in the Scandinavia.

    My best guess is :

    • I have crashed over 200 cars!Β 
    • False
    • I have been ranked top 10 in the world in a video game!Β 
    • You
    • I love skydiving and do it twice every year!
    • A friend

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