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Novapichu - A Spooky Introduction! (New Community Manager)

Novapichu Posts: 289 Community Manager


I am happy and excited to finally introduce myself to all of you. You might have seen a few posts from me already. 😅 But I'm your friendly ghost, Novapichu, and if you see things move around by themself or misplaced, it might be me! 👻

I recently joined the community team, and I heard so many great things about the Candy Crush Saga Community, and I'm really looking forward to interacting and chatting with you all!

We recently had a workshop about communication, and we had to come up with one true thing, one thing that happened to a friend, and one false thing and the rest had to guess which things belong where. So let's see if you can guess right!

  • I have crashed over 200 cars! 😅
  • I have been ranked top 10 in the world in a video game!
  • I love skydiving and do it twice every year!

Thank you for welcoming me to the community!



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