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Can you do better than Tiffi? 🎨🧑‍🎨🌷

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Hey Crushers! 👋

I decided that it would be a nice surprise to do double the fun this week, and thanks to our beloved @QueenB, here we are! (for our new participants, here is the other thread from earlier this week).

Now, in this exclusive addition to my series of fun-threads, we are here in the Candy Crush Saga forum with a little challenge to pre-kickoff all of the Spring activities I have planned for all of you! 🤩💐✨

So let’s go! ‼️

As we all know, the Spring Season is in full swing in-game, but for those who want to take a break from the Crushing this weekend, Tiffi and I have a Sweet little challenge for you!

Tiffi wants to see if you can create a Sweeter masterpiece of Misty than she can! 🎨

Here’s the masterpiece that Tiffi has created: ⤵️

…..and now it’s YOUR turn! Do you think you can do better than Tiffi? Grab your Art supplies, and let’s go! You can either draw your own, or you can download this pre-created sketch below: ⤵️

Tiffi is feeling confident, but also kind of nervous because she knows we have some very talented artists here in the Community……..

Have fun, and Happy Drawing! 🎨✨

I’ll see you all back in the Hub in 2 weeks with the kickoff of my Spring fun-threads. Mark your calendars! 🗓️

Bye…… for now! 😉👀💐🌷



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