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New Feature - Replacing Cherries with Dragons!

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Hi Everyone!

Denize the Dragon has lost some of her children and she needs your help to save them.

Throughout the Candy Kingdom, you will find out that the Cherries have been replaced with the Dragons so all you need to do is bring them back to safety.

Look at this cutie. You will need to find them and collect them just as you did with the Cherries.

Note! This is a test so not everyone has it yet 😉 if all goes well, we're looking to release it for everyone.

Aren't you looking forward to collecting it?

Vote and comment below what you think of the baby dragons replacing the cherries.

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New Feature - Replacing Cherries with Dragons! 144 votes

I prefer the Dragons over the Cherries
cookiemaeFrank_RichardsStefan_BNOLA_EmilyYoscabearwithmeSpinnifixmintmin2aautz1tlcxxrosecaryRemano88rebelchildfaxeee1KCullen127kitsunekaaTerri_1esosankoteenybeeCaramelKat 38 votes
I prefer the Cherries over the Dragons
Peter_TornarosBanishedJeffMakesGamesTzvi_MarcuKazza-3Johnny_CrushScooterpieNamTruong2001Teaser1997syauNanaMermandrakKimmyA1mtmc5aleverOichiFencesmichelereadslelenspGamer5687 45 votes
It's the same for me, I like them both
Blackcat007_LucygooseyAndres-2Diamond_LimEvan_LeiKerrie__MULLIGANACEOUS__RMDEOTheGr8MountainMomangelicaparrilliJMagspottedhorseadidas11zs1982Goldenswordzgamepower97kj11LeFlarcaneNico_GRandallReddig 27 votes
I don't have it yet but I would love to have it
Lady_ChooLorena_PuntelBelinda_Ryankay3665siti_payungQamarwshMiladyRLa LeyJodimegjenn0126KingsDaughter14badardakhemaramFran334JulesCrushitCassDjen43MandyMilyonRacoon7VickMtzKyshA72 34 votes


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