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🎤🚌 Music Tour Collection - Featuring Jonas Brothers

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Tiffi and Misty, the glamorous duo, will travel along the Candy Kingdom in their bus tour. They will visit different locations and perform for crowds of local music lovers.

Each week there will be a different location!

1st Location - We're heading over to the Candy Town Square

Starting on the 8th of May until the 10th.

Task: Keep the music flowing by collect orange tickets.

UPDATE 10/05: there seems to be an issue with paying out the 2 hours unlimited lives after collecting the orange tickets.

Please know that we are aware of this and we're working on correcting this and will make sure you get compensated for the missing lives. Once that happens, you should get a pop up in your game letting you know the issue has been fixed and your missing rewards.

2nd Location - Lollipop Meadow

Starting to the 11th of May and ends on the 18th.

Task: Keep the music flowing by collect purple guitar candies.

Why collect purple candies guitar? We'll be hosting one of the biggest name in the music industry...

Jonas Brothers!!!

Help Misty and Tiffy get ready for the gig with the Jonas Brothers by collecting purple guitars. The more guitars you collect, the more rewards you get.

You will be able to keep an eye on your progress with the Jonas Brothers Collection Leaderboard!

3rd Location - Chocolate Mountain Commune

Starts on the 19th of May and ends on the 24th.

Task: Collect orange ticket candies

Last stop and 4th Location - Cloud Kingdom Jellydome

Sarts on the 26th of May and ends on the 28th.

Task: Collect orange ticket candies.


Why can’t I see the Jonas Brothers events?

Remember to be on the latest version of the Candy Crush Saga app.

Next, get up to level 25 (except for the main menu, this is visible from level 0) and try playing a few levels.

Still not loading? Force close the app, reopen CCS and play a few levels.

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