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🏆 Candy Cup Summer - Warm Up Challenge!

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Candy Cup Summer is just a few days away but before the tournament begins, why not give yourself the edge with a special warm-up challenge?

The warm up challenge will start on the 5th of June until the 7th June.

Your challenge will be to collect Color Bombs!

Plus, you'll also get a taste of the powerful Party Booster grand prize when completing it 💪

Go head-to-head against players from around the world for the chance to win the grand prize. So sharpen your skills and get ready for the Candy Cup starting June 8th until July 2nd.

This is your chance to be back among the 10,000 winners who will each pick up a prize of 30 incredible Party Boosters 🏆

Good luck 💪

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🏆 Candy Cup Summer - Warm Up Challenge! 54 votes

Sweet! I'm ready
Peter_TornarosThmoScooterpiekiara_waelaautz1samm_kmlsiti_payungPrettyBubblesLa Leymaf34100keshavrfbadardakhemaramShilviya18Princess_JessicaElviramartinez_61NylonNico_Gkiransaru363steventsengxviper 31 votes
Divine! My kind of event
Lady_ChooKerriebearwithmeKingsDaughter14Germanacho 5 votes
Awesome! I can't wait
MiladyRrebelchildgreddycandycash2002gamepowerKyshA72islander671bnflett26arnold98kungadlamaHumaira785 11 votes
I'm loving the rewards
SabrinaMMountainMomspottedhorseRacoon7Amoonmoonteeweipingjk14 7 votes


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