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First Candy Royale Keeps Popping Up, Now I cannot play at all....

Squirrelwife Posts: 136 Level 3

One of the nice Candy Crush Saga Representatives contacted me yesterday regarding the not-existing opt-out close button for Candy Royale. Basically, there's nothing i can do about it, that's what i got out of it.

However, i decided to continue playing this morning although i got the pop up again. Well, i had completed all the tasks necessary to get 15 mns of the sprinkled ball and a striped ball. At that point, i got two windows on top of each other, and i couldn't play at all. Tried the X on one window, didn't work. Tried the X on the window underneath, didn't work either. So much for my 15 mns of "rewards".


I attached a picture of what happened. I respectfully request those 15 mns again which i lost due to those 2 windows....

Thanks, Marguerite/Squirrelwife

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