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🎉 Introducing the Sweetest Celebration: Level 15,000 in Candy Crush Saga! 🍭

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Get ready to embark on a candy-coated adventure like never before as we mark an incredible milestone. 

Candy Crush Saga, the game that keeps on giving, has reached an astonishing 15,000 levels (currently available on Windows 10 platform), and we couldn't be more thrilled to share this sweet moment with our amazing Candy Crush community! 🥳✨

On the 27th of September, when episode 1000 and level 15,000 will be released, join us in celebrating the game that has been a part of our lives, challenging our skills, and igniting our passion for years.

It's not just a game; it's a journey filled with sugary delights and exciting challenges. 🍬🍫

As we reach this remarkable milestone, we're reminded that Candy Crush Saga is truly the game that keeps on giving. We've enjoyed thousands of levels of fun and excitement, and the best part is, there's so much more to come! 🌟

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🥳 Claim your Exclusive ⭐ Level 15,000 badge⭐ Here 🥳

Update: 27 September

New event - Party Booster Piñata!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn some Party Booster and more sweet rewards with the 🪅🎉 Level 15 000 - Party Booster Piñata!

Stay tuned for updates and more fun in the community and get ready to keep crushing it, because in Candy Crush Saga, the fun never stops! 🚀🍬 #CandyCrush15,000 #TheGameThatKeepsOnGiving

🎉 Introducing the Sweetest Celebration: Level 15,000 in Candy Crush Saga! 🍭 67 votes

🥳 Excited! Can't Wait to Crush Level 15,000
Mary-Ann_Avellakiara_waelbearwithmetininha1975MollySkeshavrfmgracellaarshad48greddycandybetuninol200mimiszinooaRaydanalwanr50Omar50pugblackred2244AninajConstantina88 18 votes
😄 Impressed, That's a Sweet Milestone
PummyRajWerner_CichySukanta_BiswasAndres-2Diamond_LimEnergizerBunnyHarryFundzBQN537EOTheGr8maf34100MountainMomShilviya18Princess_JessicaCassDadidas11zs1982Moh1977Racoon7LadyGaivmanElviramartinez_61Amoonmoon 31 votes
😎 Ready for the Challenge, Let's Go
MonicaYellowcarmenechevarriaChristina1_4christinewuppIndahanggraini06jefe420Kunas131marvdaguy 8 votes
😕 Surprised, I'm nowhere near the end
MiladyRrebelchildKCullen127teeweipingjk14jting9841561194mohimidbolongnjcolla26 10 votes


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