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⭐ New Feature - Season Mastery

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Heads Up 😃

We are currently testing a new feature that some of you might have seen, it's called Season Mastery!

What is this new feature about?

Season Mastery is a new way of rewarding you for completing some season events or features, in other words, collect Mastery Points to open new sweet chests!

How do I get Mastery points?

To win Mastery points, you'll need to complete season events or features that have a Golden Star with a Rainbow border tagged on it. Not all events in the game have this tag so keep an eye out for it:

(Screenshot shows the events tab, where both the Candy Quests and the Fall Tour have the Season Mastery badge on them. It's a Golden Star with a rainbow border badge on the bottom right side of the event card) 

What are Mastery points for? What can I win?

Collect Mastery points to reach your next reward chest! There are 3 milestone reward chests:

Bronze, Silver & Gold Chests each offer different rewards.

(Screenshot shows a progress bar with 3 reward chests: bronze, silver, and gold)

 How can I keep track of my progress?

You can keep track of your Season Mastery progress under the event tab where you also need to go to collect your rewards after completing each chest.

I don't have this event in my game

We try to keep our events balanced, manageable, and visible to as many players as possible, so everyone gets to try new things. Chances are that you'll have another event in your game when other players don't, so rest assured we'll always try to make sure you don't miss out on the fun!

Keep an eye on your notifications, pop-ups, and map buttons to know when you have new content in your game.

⭐ New Feature - Season Mastery 95 votes

Love it! I absolutely enjoy the new feature and think it adds a lot to the game
SabrinaMddestesEOTheGr8carmenechevarriaPrincess_Jessicanguyenanhduy1591999Angel_NatashaAmoonmoonJavikasDanfariJONH10[Deleted User]dolly023christinewuppnica666DBrainmuhejemalFabio1812ARTTISTultrajewls 24 votes
Neutral - I don't have strong feelings about the new feature either way
Tzvi_MarcuMountainMomspottedhorseRacoon7papytchulaCandyCrushCustodianteeweipingGermanachokuhn7781 9 votes
I'm not a fan of the new feature and think it detracts from the game
Miftah_JemalRhonda_L 2 votes
I don't understand how the feature works
Peter_TornaroskarllfchahsunolyamtPitty_KittyMollySadidas11zs1982sjnycaekiamehChaosAPP 10 votes
I haven't had the chance to try it yet but looks fun
Lady_ChoocookiemaeslaughtercasaPummyRajWerner_CichySukanta_BiswasLil'_MommaYorben_GoereeFarhaPiaSpinnifixmintmin2DeryckPrettyBubblesMonicaYellowMiladyRmaf34100DieOmimimgracellabadardakhemaramShilviya18 50 votes


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