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(Ended) 👻 Candy Crush Spooky Stories Contest 👻



  • tanii19
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  • tanii19
    tanii19 Posts: 297 Level 3

    Also I hope I win 🙌🏼🙈🙈

  • PummyRaj
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    Hello Candy Crushers 🤗

    One more week left for this "spooky" contest to end!! Are you ready to write your story and get a chance to win 10 UFO Boosters?

    Come and join🎃

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    Thank you for your retagging them again. We hope more players participate and answer on this contest soon. 🤗

  • snakegore999
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    Before I can submit my story, I'd like to disclose that it has some elements that may violate the contest rules: 1) it's not 100% original, as part of it adapts the first part of the Spooky Season (the Jellynaut invasion), although it adds in a new character that was not in the original scenario and then immediately shifts to a brand-new storyline that I imagined following such incident with and 2) the new part of the story involves one significant act of violence in that a character's leg gets broken, though this is not discovered until the end of the story. Would it still be OK to submit?

  • snakegore999
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    edited November 2023

    Player ID: 14324398625

    Title: Night of the Sour-Pent

    This story begins with a brief alternate re-telling of the Jellynaut invasion storyline in the first part of Spooky Season, but adds a few new characters and leads into a brand-new storyline that may be somewhat scary for those with ophidiophobia. Be advised that the story depicts some non-graphic violence.

    Not long after the Jelly Queen concocted her "genius" idea of creating and unleashing a horde of Jellynauts, her precious "mini-mes", on an unsuspecting Candy Kingdom populate one October evening, Tiffi was already at work fighting them off with a big mallet of sorts, alongside one of her best buds, Mr. Yeti. With sheer brute force, they fought off dozens upon dozens of these menaces.

    I get this is meant to be on a spooky time of year, but I just want something less frightening than having the whole town and kingdom getting overrun these monsters! Tiffi mused as she battled these goopy minions. She briefly became equally exhausted and horrified that they all just keep coming and coming, and within minutes, the two heroes found themselves cornered in an alley of sorts. The Jellynauts cackled with an inhuman laugh as they inched closer and closer.

    Tiffi could only say to Mr. Yeti, "Well, I guess it was nice knowing you," she said. Mr. Yeti, despite his strength, also found himself tired and scared at the Jellynauts' never-ending numbers.

    Then the two of them suddenly heard a loud zap. More and more of them began to blast in their direction, and seconds later, the Jellynauts in front of them all exploded into smaller pieces of inanimate, harmless jelly. Behind them were a few other citizens of the Candy Kingdom, all dressed in pale blue, wearing black gloves, black boots, and a backpack with some wand-like raygun hooked to it. They were Mr. Toffee, Denize and Jean-Luc!

    "You called for backup?" Denize asked the two.

    "That was amazing! Thanks for saving us!" Tiffi replied.

    "How did you get those weapons?" Mr. Yeti inquisitively asked their three rescuers.

    Mr. Toffee proudly replied, "Well, I have a strong knack for all things technology, and not just the industrial kind! When word got out about the Jellynaut invasion, I wasted no time developing special energy weapons at my workshop that can neutralize the living jelly out of them. We're the Jellybusters, and the weapon we've got in our hands is the jujutrona wand. It fires a special burst of energy that can tear jelly apart at the molecular level. Call us when you've got another jelly problem and we're ready to believe you."

    That's cool, Tiffi replied. Maybe I'd like to be a Jellybuster one day.

    With no time to waste, Jean-Luc said, "Now that you're safe with us, let's finish the job together and stop the Jelly Queen's plan." With new hope, Tiffi and Mr. Yeti enthusiastically followed the three Jellybusters throughout town and utterly wiped out rank after rank of Jellynauts with more ease. A little more than an hour later, they all fought their way into the Jelly Queen's lab, trashed it up to end her experiment and cornered her inside.


    The next morning, with the Jellynaut threat dealt with, Denize returned her Jellybuster gear to Mr. Toffee and trekked back to Lemonade Lake, free to prepare for the eventual Halloween festivities as the end of the month approached. Her daughter Didi was already excited to ask her what to dress up for trick-or-treating. Izzy then responded, "I'll dress up as a kangaroo, and you'll be the joey in my pouch."

    Didi loved the idea and looked well forward to suiting up for the occasion. But her mother warned her, "And remember, don't eat too much candy."


    Eventually, the night of Halloween finally came and it was time to go trick-or-treating. Izzy and Didi put on their costume combo and many citizens were impressed with how they looked in it.

    They gathered a fair amount of candy and they had fun going around the Kingdom with their costume. As Izzy carried her basket of candy, she did not notice Bubblegum Troll sneaking behind her and quietly tossing some glowing yellow-green candy into it. He quietly giggled, before skulking off in another direction.


    Finally, as night came, Denize and Didi began to examine the spoils they brought home in their baskets, after they took off their costumes. It was not long before the mother came across the glowing candy. Finding it interesting, she curiously decided to eat them. They tasted sweet at first, but as they went deep into her stomach, she felt a sour sensation cut through her belly.

    Then suddenly, she let out a gasp, seized up and flopped down onto the grass and began to flail her neck and tail violently as the sour feeling in her stomach became a burning sensation. Her scaly skin began to turn green.

    "Mommy...mommy...what's happening to you?" Didi then asked.

    Denize tried to respond, but her tongue suddenly began to thin out and sprout two prongs, leaping out from her mouth, so whatever word she could say was nothing more than a hiss. She continued to writhe around, her limbs twitching involuntarily. Then, with numerous, small cracking noises, her body began to stretch. The cracking noises continued in a rapid-fire fashion for the next several minutes as her body continued stretched without end, still writhing around as she grew.

    When all was said and done, Denize had grown into a massive, snakelike monstrosity that one would call the Sour-Pent. It scared the living daylights out of her daughter. She screamed and ran for her life on her own two small legs, running as fast as they could carry her.


    Didi ran to a nearby village and with desperation, she found Tiffi and Mr. Toffee as they were going home. She cried for their attention, and the two of them asked what was going on.

    "My mommy turned into a huge monster!" she answered.

    Suddenly, they heard a hiss. The Sour-Pent was right up behind her.

    "Run! To my factory!" Mr. Toffee shouted. They quickly fled under cover of darkness, with the Sour-Pent in pursuit. When they finally made it inside, the Sour-Pent unhesitatingly threaded her massive, long body through a window she shatters to keep chasing them. With one swing of her neck, she grabbed Mr. Toffee and held him up in the air in a few coils. Tiffi screamed and ran faster into the factory.

    Tiffi had to think fast to save the Candy Kingdom. With enough distance between her and the monster, her mind raced on a way to stop the Sour-Pent. Seconds later, she had an idea. She then headed for the factory's shipment room. The Sour-Pent burst through a brick wall, having thrown Mr. Toffee deeper into her thorny coils behind the factory, looking to catch Tiffi. She hissed furiously at her, then lunged at the little girl. Tiffi dodged this move and stayed on the run to get the Sour-Pent to break open the shipments in the room, leaving behind piles of numerous special candies. She then got behind one big pile and taunted at the Sour-Pent. She then hissed and then lunged once again and her jaws closed upon the pile of special candies, which then slid down their throat and made their way into her long stomach, where they began to do their magic.

    Seconds later, the Sour-Pent seized up and began to hiss frantically with her jaws locked wide open. She flailed around as she felt her stomach turning inside out violently, with all the special candies inside exploding. Then, with a loud swishing sound, she began to shrink. Her body retreated through the hole she made into the wall. The swishing sound began to echo away.

    Tiffi then made her way back to the entrance of the factory and found a dazed Izzy flopped onto the ground. Gummi dragons circled her head. Mr. Toffee was also fallen on the ground, freed from her coils.

    Tiffi asked if Mr. Toffee was okay. She could not afford to lose him. He was the closest to an uncle that he would ever be to her. Mr. Toffee came to and said that he was fine. But as relieved as they were that another horror was dealt with, they were exhausted over the ordeal and slept.


    The next morning, Tiffi, Mr. Toffee and Denize woke up on the factory floor. Denize then asked groggily, "What...just...happened?"

    "You turned into a monster," Tiffi then told her.

    "Did...I..." she then said.

    Then they heard a snicker. It was the Bubblegum Troll! Tiffi and Mr. Toffee then accosted him, asking him, "What did you do to Denize?"

    The Bubblegum Troll felt sheepish and admitted, "I found some sour, green slime from the remnants of destroyed sour skulls, made some glowing candy out of them, then snuck it into her. I found it quite fun to see how that turned out."

    "You call that fun!?" Mr. Toffee then said with anger, "You could have gotten someone killed!" But the Bubblegum Troll nonchalantly slipped away. Then the two turned to Denize. Tiffi then asked the big dragon, "Are you all right?"

    She managed to say a strained, "I'll live..." but Tiffi noticed that just one thing wasn't right about her. One of her legs was apparently crushed so to speak.

    Mr. Toffee called for candy cane crutches to help Izzy back up to her feet so that she could walk back to Lemonade Lake on her last good leg.

    Izzy was clearly in pain as she hobbled back to Lemonade Lake. But she was already relieved to just hop in and let the lake's fizzy liquid soothe her pain, as well as seeing Didi come back to hug her, relieved that her mom was back to normal.

    She spent days recuperating in the lake, trying to make sense of the horror that unfolded in her brief stint as the Sour-Pent, and ultimately move on from it, hoping in the back of her mind that she would never become that abomination again. She looked forward to donning cheerleader gear for the next Candy Cup that would commence a few days after Halloween. And life in the Candy Kingdom would go on as usual.

    The end.

  • tanii19
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    Well its D day! I'm rooting for all of you who had the guts to participate to this difficult contest, and more particularly for my friend @papytchula 🤗

  • nekocat
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  • QueenB
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    Greetings, Sweet Crushers!

    It's that thrilling moment we've all been waiting for! Apologies for the suspense, but we encountered some ghostly technical glitches in our Candy Crush Community. Nevertheless, the cauldron has been stirred, and we're ready to unveil the champions of our Spooky Story Contest! 😃💪🎉

    After diving deep into the enchanting tales you all spun, we were bewitched by your creativity!

    I've decided that each entry was a treat, and to show our appreciation, every participant will receive 10 UFOs for their mesmerizing storytelling, which took Candy Crush on an eerie escapade! 🚀👻

    Your haunting narratives will not go unnoticed; we'll be sharing them with our event team, hoping to spark inspiration for our next Spooky Season. 🎃✨

    A spooktacular applause for these fearless members who embraced the challenge and sent shivers down our spines with their fantastic stories:






    Congratulations to each one of you! You've earned yourselves 10 UFO's each to soar into Candy Crush greatness which will be available the next time you open your game 🎁🎉🛸

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