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🗓💫🎁 Your Holiday Season Event Calendar

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Celebrate the holidays in a journey down the street of surprises. Meet our characters along the way as they reveal surprises behind each doors each day.

🗓 Candy's Advent Calendar - 25 days of Sweet surprises!

We are delivering 25 days of activities and surprises to celebrate the end of the year!

Each day you will get a challenge that varies from very easy (nearly a gift) to challenging 😉

🗓 Event Overview

We're kicking off the Holiday event with another Gem Hunt!

Gem Hunt Collection - Qualifier

These gem candies are very rare and can be found either on new or older levels as they get randomly placed. They are very rare so yes, you might be passing few levels and not collecting any but keep trying. Remember that the level you play must have green candies and you need to pass the level if you have collected any special gems for it to count.

Date: 27 November - 29 November

Final (Leaderboard)

Date: 1 December - 3 December

Starting on the 2 December, the next 25 days, you will receive a different task to complete in order to earn rewards.

Holiday Quests

Help Yeti open today’s door in the Holiday Calendar. He’s excited to see what presents are waiting!

Dates: 2, 9, 16 and 23 December (Saturdays)

Holiday Collection

Help Dachs open today’s door in the Holiday Calendar. He’s eager to get his paws on the presents inside!

Dates: 4, 11 and 18 December (Mondays)

Holiday Quests

Help Tiffi open today’s door in the Holiday Calendar. She’s excited to see what presents that she may find!

Dates: 5, 12 and 19 December (Tuesdays)

Holiday Collection

Help Licorice open today’s door in the Holiday Calendar. She’s eager to get her paws on the presents inside!

Dates: 7, 14 and 21 December (Thursdays)

Holiday Quests

Help Odus open today’s door in the Holiday Calendar. He can’t wait to see the presents inside!

Dates: 8, 15 and 22 December (Fridays)

Special Holiday Collection - Match special Color Bomb

Match two special Color Bombs and earn Gold Bars.

Dates: 25 December

Vault Challenge

Mr. Toffee will guide you through the event, show you the vaults, and welcome you to the Final!

Dates: Qualifier 4-6 December - Final 8-10 December.

How to Play!

Pot of Gold

Tiffi will follow the Northern Lights up to the sky to find the Pot of Gold- will you accompany her?


Qualifier: 11-13 December

Final: 15-17 December

More in the Community...

Comment below showing that you have entered the Holiday Season and let us know what you think about the events and earn a delightful Candy Holiday badge:

Note! Boosters can be claimed after each milestone from the event menu.Gold Bars will only be granted the day after the event ends.

What if I'm not seeing some of the events in the Holiday Season?

Due to the huge community of our players, we sometimes have to split events up to make them manageable and accessible. Millions of players in an event at any time is a lot of work, so we split it up into groups so we can keep it running and you have a better chance of accessing it.

We appreciate it may be frustrating if your friends have a feature that you don't, but it's highly likely you'll be getting it very soon, and bear in mind that when you do have an event or challenge, it's possible your friends won't have it this time.

Keep an eye out for the latest updates to the game to ensure you benefit from all the new levels and features that we release on a regular basis.



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