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Passed 5,122 levels in one week!🫣

Kerrie Posts: 2,439 Level 4

I've been playing CC for over 5 years, not sure when I started. I've had a total of 7 accounts over that time. Some of the reason I had 7 is from my accounts merging. This week I had my 4th account merge.

2 were totally merged and I can access one account with both emails. I lost all the gold and boosters from those accounts.

2 were merged and only the level I was on changed. This is what happened this last time. I was in the 3200 level range when I signed out but when I signed in on my phone this was my level. But it gets very strange now. I signed out from my phone and into my tablet....look at the level numbers.

Phone level 15171

Tablet 5035

The episode race stopped working in this account. When I opened this account it was working but it stopped about a year or more ago. The good news is it started working again with this merge!🥳

This is my current tablet level screenshot and the weekly race. I passed 5,122 levels in one week...ha ha ha... I'm only on level 5061.🤣 I don't know where the weekly contest number came from.🤷🤣 I was able to go back and replay 4000 and 5000 to get milestone boosters and 5000 banner.

I don't want anything to change or fixed, just leave it be. This explains some of those crazy high weekly race numbers I've seen. I admit I thought it was cheating when I saw them. All I did was sign out of one account and into my other account.🫤


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