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Candy Royale

msgigi Posts: 6 Level 2
edited February 18 in Discussions

Please go back to making this an option. It has really become a pain in the * to have to go through this constantly. Especially when you’ve been awarded a timed booster and even though it’s not much, you do lose time having that load up

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  • msgigi
    msgigi Posts: 6 Level 2

    Come on candy crush techies, please get rid of the candy royale portion of the game. I and other’s obviously don’t like the change you made which is we no longer have the option to play or not. Doesn’t seem that difficult to just go back to not pushing it on us. I have actually gotten so aggravated with it constantly popping up that after all the years of playing I’m considering no longer participating and finding another game to play and saying Bye Bye Candy Crush

  • Rhonda_L
    Rhonda_L Posts: 542 Level 3

    @msgigi Give it up! There are so many threads regarding this issue. It's been posted for many, many months... close to a year now. "King" is NOT going to bring back the 'X' option, no matter how many complaints! Get over it and move on. They don't ever bring back to us things they've changed, no matter how much we beg. They never will.

    If you feel the need to uninstall, so be it. Good luck to you and Happy Crushin' if you should decide to stay!

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