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🎉 Welcome to Candy Crush Saga's Weekly Quest Extravaganza 🎉

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Hello, Candy Crushers!

We're thrilled to introduce a brand-new Community Weekly Quests!

Each week, we'll post a different quest for you to embark on, giving you the chance to collect fabulous in-game rewards, and yes, exclusive badges! 🤩🌟

Here's how it works!

Starting with a one-month trial, we're rolling out four uniquely themed quests. Thanks to Pummy's creative insights, we've handpicked these quests to ensure there's something for everyone! Whether you're a Combo King/Queen or a Color Bomb Connoisseur, prepare to dive into challenges that will test your skills, strategy, and dedication.

Rewards? Say no more!

Depending on the quest, you could find yourself winning boosters or Gold Bars 🎁

And there's more - Badges Galore!

We all love a little recognition, don't we? That's why we're introducing badges to reward your questing prowess:

  • Monthly Badges: Complete all quests within a month to earn a dazzling monthly badge, a testament to your dedication and skill.
  • The Final Badge: For those who truly shine, a special final badge awaits at the end of our trial period. This badge isn't just a reward; it's a symbol of your elite status in the Candy Crush Saga community.

So, get ready to crush it, questers 🤗

We can't wait to see how you tackle these challenges and climb to the top of the leaderboard. Stay tuned for our first quest announcement, and prepare to unleash your crushing skills!

Happy Crushing! 🍬✨



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