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🌟 Countdown to Candy Crush All Stars - Share Your Strategy!



  • Nico_G
    Nico_G Posts: 5,520 Level 5

    I don't have a strategy, I'm just going to play for fun and I'm not very good for this kind of tournament.

  • Peter_Tornaros
    Peter_Tornaros Posts: 2,048 Level 5

    My strategy @QueenB is to not play this money trap. Obviously players are spending money for little reward. A real money grab.

    If I was you @PummyRaj I wouldn't be spending a cent on this rubbish.

    I will just continue playing the new levels as they are released.

  • Elviramartinez_61
    Elviramartinez_61 Posts: 2,067 Level 4

    l will continue as before, play and enjoy the moment 🤣

  • JONH10
    JONH10 Posts: 25,756 Level 5

    Hey there, @QueenB! Here are my answers about my plans and something so curious that you want to know about my own opinions on All Stars! 👇️

    What's your game plan?

    ● 1st: I'm going to play this competition alone, but I don't have friends in real life who can compete with me.🙁🙂

    ● 2nd: The part of my day to reserve for All Stars is for when the competition starts on the scheduled day (03/28). 😄😊📱

    ● 3rd: At this point, I have no idea of sharing any special tips or tricks that could help other players in the saga!

    And we´re super curious:

    ● I can guarantee that the All Stars event will be more successful to please the winners and the greetings of performing in such positions when they arrive in the UK (like last year)!

    ● My memory for this event is that I will always try to advance new levels for the collection of purple star candies and get to the next stage!

    ● What I'm most looking forward to for the All Stars event is when I will win 1st place in the competition and pay for the ticket and travel to where the World Tournament takes place! Since last year, I didn't realize that my game had progress problems for the next round and it didn't allow me to continue participating in the event, it's very regrettable that this happened to me but it's okay that I want to travel so much and have my presence there.

  • KyshA72
    KyshA72 Posts: 913 Level 3

    @QueenB and @PummyRaj i dont have any strategies either i just try and pass each level the best i can

    These high stake competitions seem to be controlled by King and with the bots that are in play the true player doesnt stand a chance which is very off putting

    Game id 5217747776

  • rebelchild
    rebelchild Posts: 16,578 Level 5

    I will try. Are you playing dear @lelensp ?

    To answer @QueenB questions:

    #1. I guess I'm playing alone

    #2 I will probably spend a couple hours a day playing

    #3. I have no tricks or plans. Maybe I'll get a few tips from others

    #4. I plan to do better than last year.

    #5 my sweetest memories of previous events are cheering my community friends on

    #6 I'm looking forwards to have fun and enjoy the ride

    Good luck everybody!

  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 7,275 Legend

    Having taken another look at the event timings I must add a not so sweet health warning to my strategy tips:

    I think that All Stars could be a serious health hazard for anyone serious about hoping to get to the final and win the million. And there will be players out there seriously thinking that they stand a chance, if only they can keep crushing, and crushing, and crushing...... The lure of so much money...

    Has anyone else noticed that the two rounds that really matter, the final knockout stages Rounds 1 and 2, are scheduled to last almost a full week from 20th to 27th April with only a six hour break? Perhaps King are reasoning that since no one can crush for that long non stop because it is not physically possible to go without sleep for this long it will be fairer to all. But there will be millions of participants entering the final knockout stage and some of those will definitely be trying to go without sleep and risk their health in order to get to the next round, for a prize as big as this. Also I would like to ask how can or will King police it if players living together with other crushers not just play with friends, like we were asked by @QueenB , but also team up with friends to play the same game account and take shifts during these final knockout stages? Players who do so will drive up the scores beyond the reach of any honest player. I know that this strategy is not allowed but how can King stop this?

    So please, anyone reading this, don't kill yourself trying to win this competition. Final knockout rounds 1 and 2 are far too long. So my final advice would be to just play your game, make sure you continue having fun, and see how far this will get you. Don't get carried away with the competition after April 20th, which is when it gets serious. I won't bother myself after that date. I'll just sit here, watch, and wait for all the complaints to come flooding in.

  • lelensp
    lelensp Posts: 52,733 Level 5

    Will not be part of the game as I am from the Philippines. Just curious on some problem of the game like having other players to play the same account when it should be live in California. Participants are required to be there.

    Was is not like Mobile Legend where you can see the progress of the game live?

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