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🌡 Top That! Under Investigation: Connection error when claiming rewards

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It's time to test your candy collecting skills with our exciting Top That! event.

Dive into new levels, snag those blue candies, and race against the clock to hit all the milestones for a super sweet prize!

Dates: Start on Monday 6th May - Ends on Friday 10th May!

💥 Event Highlights:

  • Blue Candy Collection: Scoop up blue candies across different levels to progress in the event.
  • Sweet Milestones: Each milestone brings you closer to the ultimate reward. Keep your game strong!
  • Grand Prize: Clear all the milestones and collect 250 Gold Bars!

📬 We Want Your Feedback!

Your feedback is super important to us, and we’d love to hear what you think about the Top That! event. Help us understand your experience by voting in the poll below!

How do you feel about the Top That! event?

Please share any additional thoughts or suggestions in the comments to help us make your gaming experience even more fantastic.

📌 PS: As this feature is quite new, not everyone might see this event in their game yet. Always make sure to keep your game app updated to the latest version to access all the newest features and events!

Happy crushing, everyone! 🍬✨

🌡 Top That! Under Investigation: Connection error when claiming rewards 77 votes

🥳 Love it! It's exciting and engaging!
Colleen12SabrinaMchicacarrieanncrystaldw0276badardakhemaramelendimopPalash_Sarmabra_racingQueen373steventsengSigmaMMXToune_PGEn9998Sisitfbugammazthu12345sohan_maharjanboobuns95silentpantherEstella8 32 votes
🙂 It's fun, but could use some tweaks.
Kazza-3dekama3Kerriemaf34100collegeamocoElviramartinez_61teenybeelatjmtMannyFaeDSEdgarchristinewuppZielakJohhnyPeaches12MISTeHelovecvmsweet_sham10 17 votes
😕 It's okay, not my favorite.
Jackson_56 1 vote
🙁 Not really enjoying it, it could be better.
JeffMakesGamesflying001MollySadidas11zs1982lspring2017TPS23schughesCcallstars 8 votes
🤔 I haven't tried it yet but looking forward to!
cookiemaeWerner_CichyYorben_Goereebearwithmesamm_kmlFran334AmoonmoonNico_Gmoe75KyshA72Roxyt80ameenadamJONH10Gamer_islander671nekocatalsdq1xGiggy65lp2518 19 votes


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