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Missing boosters

Kathy_Johnson-2Kathy_Johnson-2 Posts: 9 Level 2
edited October 2020 in Support

I clicked on the booster wheel today (around 12:30 pm central time) and won the jackpot booster (the one with three stars). I did not receive the boosters that are won with the jackpot. The same thing happened a few days ago when I won the jackpot on the booster wheel. I had won the contest that ended this morning for the largest number of color bombs earned and think I did receive the booster earned from that. I took a picture of the number of booster that I had available and saw that I only had one spaceship instead of the three that I should have. If needed, I can send a copy of the photo to you. Please credit me with the two jackpot win boosters that I did not receive.

Thank you.

Kathy J.

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